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Best Selling Cars Around the World

An automobile is a passion that identifies a person’s social status. Some people are fascinated with vehicles. The taste of vehicles differs by country. Consumers in densely populated areas may favor tiny cars, while those in rural areas prefer large cars. A country’s economic situation also influences the number of cars. 

Rich countries have more fancy cars than developing countries. The governments of South Asia are lagging. Because of the expensive expense of a vehicle, the number of cars per person is lower than in other countries.

The Americans and Europeans, on the other hand, are in charge of the automobile industry. Because of the low cost of vehicles, the number of cars per person is enormous.

To attract customers worldwide, Automakers built factories and customized cars to suit each customer’s preferences. As a result, Japanese automakers are the most valuable in the world.

Each country keeps track of different brands when it comes to the best-selling automobiles. Some of the well-known brands include Toyota, Ford, and Nissan.

In this article, I’ve randomly selected certain countries to illustrate the best-selling automobiles in that region.

1. Ford F-150 in USA

The Ford F-150 is the world’s most popular vehicle. It’s a classic, all-around fantastic pickup. For nearly 30 years, the Ford F150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States. It can be found anywhere in the United States, from Midwest farms to large cities. It is, in fact, a source of pride for America’s hardworking citizens. 

Its rooftop is 6 feet tall, and the wheels are visually beautiful as they roll down. It is the top truck brand in the United States because of its powerful engine and comfy seats. It also has the lowest out-of-pocket costs and has been the preferred option for Americans. In 2019, about one million customers in the United States purchased a Ford F-150.

2. Maruti Wagon R in India

The Maruti Wagon R is a popular family vehicle. Relaxations and revolutions are represented by the word ‘R.’ The Maruti wagon is a popular choice among buyers because of its ample capacity for families and its dependable engine. From 1999 until 2021, it served the Indian market for 30 years. 

It’s a tall vehicle with plenty of headroom inside. It was the most comfortable one for long-distance travel. It comes with a CNG option and is powered by a 1-liter K10B engine. The engines are dependable and smooth-running. Throughout India, one can find service centers everywhere. Spare components are easy to get by and may be found almost anywhere. This car is inexpensive, which makes it appealing to the majority of people. 

It is a portion of India’s 24 lakh families. For more than a quarter of the clients, it was a repeat purchase. Wagon R has undergone numerous updates to keep up with the times. A total of 19,447 units were sold in 2021. It’s one of the most popular cars in Indian history.

3. VW Lavida in China

When the topic of “which car sells the most in China” arises, the response is always the VW Lavida. The Volkswagen Lavida sold approximately 517,000 units in China in 2019. Volkswagen was one of the first multinational automakers to make contact with China 40 years ago. With dual front airbags, the Volkswagen Lavida is a safe vehicle. In addition, the Lavida is a low-cost vehicle. 

Volkswagen’s appealing feature is its business-class appearance. If you use it daily, it will sparkle. Volkswagen selected high-quality materials to achieve its standards, and the air you breathe is constantly purified while you drive. It comes with so many safety features to help prevent accidents. It consists of a tire pressure monitoring system. A 1.2-liter turbo petrol engine powers it. With this engine, you can expect excellent fuel economy. 

The most significant thing to keep in mind is a high-end vehicle with a bulletproof engine. The company changes it every year to keep the audience interested.

4. Toyota Corolla in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is Pakistan’s best-selling and most famous automobile brand. It is the most popular among customers due to its gorgeous look, superior performance, and modern features. In addition, Toyota impresses Pakistani passengers with its comfortable seats and excellent gas consumption. 

The Toyota Corolla has a record for being a great used car deal. To meet demand, factories all over the world create a large number of Toyotas. Every few years, the Toyota Corolla is modified to improve the vehicle’s safety and usability.

Toyota Corolla has become a household name in Pakistan over the years. The hybrid variant of the Toyota Corolla has a higher fuel economy. Toyota is a popular car not only in Pakistan but throughout the world.

5. Renault in Turkey


With a market share of about 14%, Renault is the most popular vehicle brand in Turkey. They have shown to be dependable, with lower repair expenses than other brands. As a result, it is the most trustworthy automobile manufacturer. The components are also widely available and need less time to obtain. They’re affordable because Renault doesn’t have a lot of cutting-edge technology.

6. Hyundai Grandeur in South Korea

Hyundai Grandeur

In 2020, the Hyundai Grandeur sold 145,463 units, making it the most popular automobile in South Korea. In South Korea, it is trendy. It has a big luxury saloon with double doors. Hyundai employs cutting-edge technology to tackle every weather condition. The tread pattern is designed to maximize grip. It was created to deliver exceptional driving performance.

7. Tesla Model 3 in Norway

Tesla Model 3

In 2021, the Tesla Model 3 will be Norway’s most popular vehicle. It’s a revolutionary electric automobile. Electric cars continue to dominate in Norway, as evidenced by Tesla Model 3 sales figures. It is Norway’s most popular vehicle. It is not just Norway’s best-selling electric vehicle, but also the world’s. The Tesla Model 3 is known for its excellent safety rating and affordable price. It is the most desirable automobile brand.

In 2021, Tesla plans to make changes to the Model 3. Front automatic emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, and autopilot are all included in the Tesla Model 3. As the vehicle’s command center, it has a massive 15-inch touchscreen. The infotainment system provides air updates.

In addition, this model’s intelligent summon function allows it to autonomously pull out of its parking spot and arrive at the exact location.

8. Ford Fiesta in the United kingdom

Ford Fiesta

For the year 2020, the Ford Fiesta will be the best-selling automobile in the United Kingdom. It has a 45-year history in the United Kingdom. The population in the United Kingdom has a stranglehold on the brand. The Ford Fiesta is a reliable and secure used compact car.

This car’s muscular engine allows it to accelerate quickly. The Ford fiesta is inviting, sophisticated, and functional. In addition, it is relatively inexpensive to purchase.

What is a decent Ford fiesta term? First, it’s a lot of fun to drive, and it comes with a proper standard entertainment system and a 100-horsepower petrol engine. Moreover, it’s one of the most cost-effective little automobiles on the market. 

The interior design incorporates soft-touch plastics and high-quality materials, giving it the appearance of a well-built vehicle. The front section is sufficiently large. The 6-speed manual transmission is fantastic. The majority of the engines are 1-liter petrol engines. It’ll almost certainly be worth your investment.

9. Land Cruiser SW in UAE

Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser is the best-selling vehicle in the United Arab Emirates. The reliability of the land cruiser is well-known. In the United Arab Emirates, the famous Land Cruiser remains the best automobile manufacturer.

It’s a fantastic luxury vehicle for off-road lovers. Land cruisers have certain unique qualities that make them the first choice of buyers. Free-floating, steering-mounted controls, and power-adjustable front seats are among the features.

A land cruiser is always valued, no matter how old it is. It can transport you almost anywhere and return to you in one piece. It’s a highly dependable vehicle. The Land Cruiser is as nice as it gets if you live in the desert.

10. Toyota Hilux in Australia

Toyota Hilux

In 2020, the Toyota Hilux will be Australia’s best-selling vehicle. It is the most popular commercial vehicle brand in Australia. It’s a simple, down-to-earth pickup vehicle. The Toyota Hilux’s most significant attribute is its long-term dependability. It also boasts good equipment in the mid-range models. 

It is the world’s first car to reach the magnetic north pole. It’s a car with a high ride that can take you on an adventure. It is one of the world’s most user-friendly brands. Controls are simple to locate and create. The components are simple to get and inexpensive. It is equipped with a powerful diesel engine. There is no other brand in the world that can compare to Hilux in terms of reputation. 


Every year, the automobile brands change in each country, but this data is based on a car model that has been the most popular for an extended period in a particular country. It is because companies introduce innovative technologies and products to meet the requirements of the customers.

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