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Most Popular Social Media in the World


The world of social media began more than two decades ago, but today’s social networks are significantly different from those that helped the phenomena take off.

One could even argue that social media has progressed to the point where it has supplanted face-to-face interactions, particularly in the aftermath of a global pandemic last year.

The most well-known social media networks are in the United States and China.

Although the majority of the top-ranked social networks with over 100 million users began in the United States, services such as WeChat, QQ, and the video-sharing app Douyin have also gained widespread appeal in their own countries due to local context and content.

Because of Douyin’s popularity, the platform has released an international version of its network: TikTok, a little app.

How Widespread is Social Media use?

Users can communicate with people from all over the world on the most popular social networks, which become available in various languages. By 2022, social networking platforms are expected to have 3.96 billion users. 

These numbers are expected to rise as mobile device usage, and mobile social networks gain momentum in previously underserved countries. The following is a list of the most popular social networks globally as of October 2021, ranked by the number of active users.

As of October 2021, the following is a list of the most popular social networks around the world, ranked by the number of active users.

1. Facebook


Active users-2,895 million

Founder-Merk Zuckerberg

The first social media network to reach one billion users was Facebook. It now has over 2.89 billion monthly active users. In addition, Facebook claimed over 3.58 billion monthly core Family product users in the third quarter of 2021.

Meta Platforms owns Facebook, an American online social media and social networking website. Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard College classmates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes launched the company in 2004.

It takes its name from the face book directories commonly provided to American university students. 

Initially, membership was restricted to Harvard students, but it has subsequently expanded to include students from other North American colleges and, since 2006, everyone over the age of 13.

People use Facebook to meet two essential social demands: the need to belong and portray themselves. Outside factors such as sociodemographic variables, personality, and cultural background influence Facebook usage.

You can use Facebook to keep in touch with people you don’t know very well. For example, many people use Facebook to stay in touch with their friends and family.

Many people use Facebook to communicate with one another more conveniently. For example, people may prefer to share a message over Facebook rather than by email or even regular phone calls in many circumstances.

2. YouTube

Active user-2,291

Founder-Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim.

Google owns YouTube, an online video-sharing and social networking platform based in the United States. It was officially introduced on Feb 24, 2005.

Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim developed YouTube. The trio were all early workers of PayPal, and when eBay purchased the company, they became extremely wealthy.

Hurley had majored in design at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and Chen and Karim had studied computer science at Illinois at Urbana–Champaign university.

YouTube’s economic model has also evolved due to Google’s ownership; it no longer derives income only through adverts. Paid material, such as movies and exclusive content, is now available on YouTube. 

YouTube and approved producers engage in Google’s AdSense program, which benefits both parties by increasing revenue.

According to reports, it has grown from a modest video streaming platform to an effective service with $19.8 billion in 2020.

The number of unique visitors to YouTube in a given month is monthly active users. The actual numbers could be significantly higher because this figure includes logged-in users. YouTube has a monthly active user of over 2 billion people.

Why is YouTube So Popular with Users?

As is the case with traditional media, YouTube does not pick what you will like and when you will like it. They believe they know what you’ll be watching at 6 p.m., 7 a.m., etc. So it’s entirely up to you, according to YouTube.

The focus is on user-generated material. As a result, you’ll find amazing and unique videos made by people just like you, rather than videos from massive TV networks and movie studios.

YouTube isn’t a one-way street; you can join in, record and post your videos, and join the community.

2. Whatsapp

Active users-2,291 million

Founder-Brian Acton and Jan Koum

Meta Platforms own WhatsApp. It’s a freeware cross-platform centralized instant messaging and voice-over-IP service developed in the United States.

Users can transmit text and voice messages, participate in audio and video chats, and share photos, documents, user locations, and other information.

WhatsApp’s client application runs on Android, but it may also be viewed from a desktop computer if the user’s mobile device is online. A cellular phone number is required to register for the service.

WhatsApp Business, a dedicated business app targeting small business owners, was released in January 2018. to enable businesses to engage with customers that utilize WhatsApp’s primary app.

Kenya (97 percent), South Africa (96 percent), Nigeria (95 percent), and Argentina have the highest WhatsApp market penetration (93 percent )

Whatsapp is extremely popular in the media sector. Most reporters use it to swiftly send text, photographs, and videos relevant to breaking news to their media companies, reducing work time and increasing efficiency.

In this way, we discovered how crucial social media platforms like WhatsApp have become in people’s lives.

3. Instagram

Active users-1,393

Founder-Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger

owner-Meta platform

Instagram, which Facebook owns, is a visual platform that is incredibly easy to use for publishing photos and videos from your phone. With 1393 million mobile Instagram users, the app is used by most Instagram users in the United States.

While you can technically upload to Instagram from your computer, it’s not as user-friendly, but you can still message people, comment on their photographs, and like their videos/pictures if you like.

Instagram is also the most popular social media platform for influencer marketing, but TikTok rose to second place last year and could overtake Instagram any day.

4. Facebook Messenger

Active users-1,300


Meta Platforms created Messenger, an instant messaging app and platform. In 2008, it was first released as Facebook Chat. In 2010, the firm redesigned its messaging service, offered standalone iOS and Android apps in 2011, and in 2018, it produced standalone Facebook Portal hardware for Messenger calls.

Later, Facebook created, a dedicated online interface that isolated the messaging functionality from the main Facebook app, allowing users to use either the web interface or the standalone apps.

In addition, Facebook announced a Messenger desktop client for Windows and macOS in April 2020.

Facebook announced in April 2014 that the messaging feature would be withdrawn from the main Facebook app, and users would have to download the Messenger app instead.

One of the most popular chatting apps on the Internet is Messenger. It’s a chat and calling app that can also connect to your Instagram account. The characteristics of this software are what make it so popular.

5. WeChat/Weixin

Active users-1,251

Founder-Allen Zhang (weixin)

Developers-Tencent Holdings limited

Tencent’s WeChat is a multi-purpose Chinese instant messaging, social media, and mobile payment software. It was first introduced in 2011 and 2018; it surpassed 1 billion monthly active users to become the world’s largest standalone mobile app.

Allen Zhang designed the first version of the software, “Weixin.” Weixin was renamed “WeChat” for the worldwide market in 2012 when users topped 100 million.

Because of its extensive functionality, WeChat has been dubbed China’s “app for everything” and a “super app.”

Text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast messaging, video conferencing, video gaming, photo, and video sharing, and location sharing are all available with WeChat.

Compared to Facebook, the world’s most popular social media platform, it’s easy to see why WeChat has grown so successful despite its Chinese origins.

So defined, WeChat is a multi-purpose platform that provides significant ease to businesses and individuals by completing various everyday tasks without switching between apps.

6. TikTok

Active users-1,000


TikTok, also known as Douyin in China, is a video-focused social networking service owned by ByteDance. It includes various short-form user videos ranging in duration from 15 seconds to three minutes in categories such as pranks, stunts, tricks, jokes, dancing, and entertainment. 

TikTok is the international version of Douyin. It was first introduced in September 2016 in China. Outside of mainland China, TikTok was launched in 2017 for iOS and Android in most markets.

TikTok’s popularity stems from the fact that it is a unique platform. Users will find a lot of related and informative stuff and some that are pretty fun. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

7. Douyin

Active users-600


ByteDance started Douyin in September 2016 in Beijing, China, under the moniker before rebranding to Douyin () in December 2016. ByteDance intended for Douyin to expand internationally.

Zhang Yiming, the founder of ByteDance, remarked that “Only one-fifth of the world’s Internet users live in China. We’ll lose to colleagues aiming the four-fifths if we don’t expand on a worldwide basis. As a result, becoming global is essential.”

Douyin was created in 200 days and had 100 million users within a year, with over one billion videos watched every day. In September 2017, TikTok was introduced in the foreign market. 

Why is China’s Douyin App So Popular? 

Because this is a Chinese social networking program that creates beautiful photographs and short videos using special effects and music tracks Furthermore, users can earn money after uploading videos.

Is Social Media Good or Bad?

Social media has recently been blamed for causing harm to individuals, particularly teenagers. However, the number of people who spend more time on social media grows as it becomes more advanced.

Some may argue that this is harmful to your health and that you should not carry things with you at all times, but is this true? I feel that social media isn’t as horrible as people make it out to be and that it may even be beneficial to society.

Social media has a lot of personal applications, but it also has a lot of public applications, and many businesses and even schools utilize it to communicate with people. 

For example, it may be helpful to inform people about special events, make announcements that everyone needs to hear, or inform them of other important information. 

It would be far more difficult to notify a corporation about a product fault, warn a school about game themes, or even give to PETA without this type of communication.

It would be absurd to dismiss company outreach, and even if there are a few problems along the way, the immediate issue isn’t the social relationship.

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