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ChatGPT Gets 1 Million Users in Just Five Days


ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer)

Within five days, ChatGPT attracted 1 million users—The average time it took others to accomplish this feat. As the conversational AI chatbot is heralded as a record moment in the history of technology, “ChatGPT” has become one of the year’s most ubiquitous buzzwords.

Within five days of its release to the public in November 2022, ChatGPT had amassed a user base of over a million people. What about other tech firms like Netflix, Spotify, or Facebook?

The conversational AI bot, which can generate human-like content, has been applied to various tasks, including authoring short tales, prose, music, term papers, basic programming code, solving math problems, and translating.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has previously cautioned that AI technology such as ChatGPT could eventually replace workers in white-collar employment. As a result, Microsoft announced a multimillion-dollar investment in OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT, yesterday.

Facebook and Instagram

Both Instagram and Facebook are two of the most used social networking applications, but each service requires a few months to gain one million users. The Instagram app was released in October 2010, and at the time, it was iOS-only. It took almost two months for the app to surpass one million downloads; this occurred in December 2010.

However, Instagram’s Android app, released in April 2012, surpassed one million registrations in less than 24 hours. Therefore, ChatGPT has yet to reach the mark set by Instagram’s Android app upon its release. 

However, consider that many Android users awaited Instagram’s arrival on their phones, which explains the app’s popularity. Comparatively, Facebook, which acquired both Instagram and WhatsApp shortly after its start in February 2004, surpassed one million members in roughly ten months. 


It took Netflix nearly three and a half years to get one million subscribers, even though it was a significantly more complex undertaking. The company was founded in 1999 and reached one million paid subscribers in February 2003. 

According to its quarterly reports, Netflix had 1,009,000 paid customers in February 2003. So naturally, it took more work for Netflix, which began as a DVD rental firm, because it also required users to pay for the service. As a result, Netflix did not become an online video streaming service until 2007, and that is what it is now.


Spotify is among the world’s most popular music streaming services, but it took more work for the company to reach one million users and then one million paying members. Finally, in March 2009, around five months after its launch in October 2008, Spotify surpassed one million users. 

However, it took the company longer to reach one million “paying” members; it did it in December 2011. Initially, Spotify was only available throughout Europe, including the United Kingdom. Since then, Spotify has grown significantly and has 182 million subscribers worldwide.


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