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20 Biggest Beer Drinking Countries in 2022

Are you looking for the biggest beer drinkers in the world? Take a seat in your armchair and grab a can as we present the top 20 beer-consuming countries in 2021.

Beer is a beverage consumed by millions across the globe daily. It’s a better alternative compared to other alcoholic beverages because of its low alcohol content and other health benefits such as good heart function, improved memory, stress relief, lowering cholesterol levels, and so on. 

These myriad benefits make beer the 3rd most-consumed drink in the world, the first two being water and tea. Today, let’s take a look at the 20 biggest beer-drinking countries in 2021.

I’ve also included some runner-up countries that you’ll not believe have missed the list. So stay tuned.


Rank 20. Iceland 

Beer was actually banned in Iceland for over a century, being properly legalized just in 1989. But Iceland still makes it in the top 20 list, consuming about 75 liters of beer per capita population. Today, Iceland manufactures a lot of their own beer and they’re popular worldwide.

Rank 19. Panama

The Republic of Panama makes it on the list as an attractive tourist spot in Central America. Every year, thousands visit Panama to see the famous Panama Canal and to surf and dive in the country’s vast coral beaches. As a lot of tourists vacation there, it’s no surprise to see Panama in the 20 biggest beer-consuming countries.

Rank 18. Bulgaria 

Bulgaria is the first European country to make it on our list, consuming about 76.3 liters of beer per capita income. Beer is very popular in Europe, so it makes sense for many European countries to make it in the list, and we’ll see further on in the post. Bulgaria also manufactures and exports beer within other European countries.

Rank 17. Finland 

Finland is another European country joining our list, consuming just a little bit more beer than Bulgaria, at 76.9 liters per capita. Finnish beer is very popular in the country, and Finland’s beer consumption has been steadily increasing in the past couple of years.

Rank 16. Gabon

Gabon is a coastal country in Central Africa which is also a popular tourist attraction. It’s one of Africa’s richest countries, and the active tourism in the country brings in national revenue alongside a lot of beer consumption at 77.8 liters per capita.

Rank 15. Croatia

We’re getting into the top 15, and ranking here we have Croatia, at 78.7 liters of beer consumed. Croatia is also a European country and a popular tourist spot due to its stunning blue oceans and unique cuisine. Overall, for its tourist traffic and European origin, Croatians are sure big beer fans.

Rank 14. Slovakia

Ranking 14 we have Slovakia, another European country on the list. Slovakia has been a beer-loving country since early as the eleventh century. Today, Slovaks consume 80.1 liters of beer per capita.

Rank 13. Slovenia

Just behind Slovakia, we have Slovenia, another country in Central Europe consuming 80.3 liters of beer per capita, just 0.2 liters shy of its neighbor. Pale lager is the most consumed beer in Slovenia. 

Rank 12. Spain

Next up we have Spain. Spaniards are known for enjoying their beer at regular intervals in the day. Beer is also a popular drink to have alongside meals in a lot of Spanish restaurants. And as Spain is a popular tourist destination, the people visiting the country have surely helped in bumping its rank in the top beer-consuming countries.

Rank 11. Belize

Belize is a coastal country in the Caribbean of Central America. It’s a popular tourist destination where people go to see the country’s barrier reef and enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving. As a country with posh hotels and people vacationing there, it makes sense for Belize to make it in the top 20 list.

Rank 10. Lithuania 

We’re now entering the top 10! To start it off we have Lithuania, consuming 88.7 liters of beer per capita. It’s another European country having a beer in its cultural heritage. There were ancient Lithuanian beer brewing gods and the locals used to brew beer for ancient Baltic festivals. 

Rank 9. Estonia

Estonia is a country in Europe consisting of several small islands. With a rich ancient and cultural heritage, it’s a popular tourist destination among Europeans and other tourists of the world. While boosting its tourism economy, this also propels the country in the top 10 most beer-consuming countries in the world.

Rank 8. Seychelles

Seychelles is an archipelago of several islands in the Indian Ocean, falling into Eastern Africa. People visit the archipelago to see the Indian Oceans and the ever-living natural life. With exquisite hotel rooms and a booming tourism economy, Seychelles offers a lot of good quality beer to its visitors.

Rank 7. Romania

Next, we have the European country Romania, consuming 94.1 liters of beer per capita, way above the previously ranked country. Romania considers beer as a regular food item, so no extra tax or tariff has to be paid on it. 

Rank 6. Ireland

Irish people are known for their love of beer, so it’s no surprise to see the country in the ranking. Ireland celebrates the famous Saint Patrick’s Day every year, where beer is an integral part. The famous and highly successful beer brand Guinness is also Irish. So, beer is undoubtedly a big part of Irish society.

Rank 5. Poland

Poland consumes about 100.8 liters of beer per capita. They are Europe’s 3rd biggest beer producer. Overall, Polish beer is highly regarded in Europe and is widely exported throughout the continent.

Rank 4. Germany

Germany had to make an appearance in the rank, and it’s confidently in the top 5. Beer (bier in German) is a quintessential part of German society. The famous Oktoberfest each year symbolizes an age-old tradition where Germans throughout the country all gather around and enjoy several pints of beer together. Germany is also a top exporter of beer, making some of the finest beer in the world.

Rank 3. Austria

Austria is a neighboring country to Germany in Europe, and just like its neighbor, is a heavy beer consumer. Austria gets a lot of its beer from Germany, and they manufacture a lot of their own as well.

Rank 2. Namibia 

The second most beer-consuming country is Namibia, a country in Southern Africa that is rich in tourism and attractive places. It’s one of the richest countries in Africa, and due to its small population, its per capita beer consumption is at 108 liters. 

Rank 1. Czech Republic 

And the country consuming the most amount of beer than anyone in the world is the Czech Republic, where beer is cheaper than bottled water. The Czech is also a popular tourist spot, and that no doubt helps it achieve the most beer consumed annually. The Czechs founded the beer pilsner, and the beverage is enjoyed by its residents every day.

Fun Fact

The United States just barely didn’t make the top 20 list, coming in at number 21 with 74.8 liters of beer consumed per capita income. Also, Russia doesn’t make the list, consuming about 58 liters per capita. This is mostly due to its vast population. 

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