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Most Peaceful Countries ( Top 163 Countries)


Iceland is again the world’s most peaceful nation, followed by New Zealand, Ireland and Denmark. It has kept its place as a country with minor violence globally. However, since 2008, it has been number one every year.

What is Global Peace Index (GPI)?

The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) creates the Global Peace Index (GPI), which is the best way to measure how peaceful the world is. This report is the most in-depth, data-driven look at peace trends, their economic value, and how to make societies more peaceful to date. The Global Peace Index includes 99.7% of the world’s population and is based on 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators from very reliable sources. It measures the state of peace in three areas:

  • Society’s level of safety and security.
  • The level of Ongoing Domestic and International Conflict,
  • How much they are militarized.

Facts About Global Peace Index:

  • In 2022, the average level of peace worldwide went down by 0.03%.
  • Since 2008, the average amount of peace in the world has gone down by 3.2%.
  • Oceania’s most peaceful country is New Zealand.
  • Qatar is the most peaceful nation in the Middle East, and Uruguay is the most peaceful nation in South America.
  • Over the past year, civil unrest, violent protests, and political instability have increased in the United States. This has made the country less peaceful.

What are the Most Peaceful Countries in the World?

1. Iceland (1.107)

Iceland is a less populated and beautiful country in the world. Yet, it is the country where people live the most peaceful lives. It owes this to many things that contribute to the happiness of its people.

Iceland has low taxes and the most people in trade unions of any country. The Nordic social welfare system ensures that everyone has access to health care and that college is free. It gets almost all of its power from renewable sources and is working to become carbon neutral.

2. New Zealand (1.269)

New Zealand, a small island nation, is the second-most peaceful country in the world. In addition, it is one of the world’s safest and least corrupt nations, contributing significantly to its peacefulness.

The nation is proud of its laws protecting freedom of speech and expression. However, the police are prohibited from carrying personal firearms and acting arbitrarily by tight rules.

3. Ireland (1.288 )

Ireland’s fight for freedom from Britain took eight hundred years and wasn’t always peaceful. But when the country finally got rid of British rule at the beginning of the 20th century, it became a model for change.

The Irish government cares about the health and happiness of its people. Because of this, the country does well in areas like healthcare, economic freedom, and press freedom. Ireland has stayed out of wars since World War II, but it is a member of the Partnership for Peace.

4. Denmark (1.296)

Denmark was number two for five years in a row, from 2011 to 2016. From 2017 to 2020, it was number five, and last year, it was number three. Now in fourth place, these tiny changes in the ranking show that the kingdom is doing well.

Denmark is a safe country to visit and live in because its government is stable, the press is free, and human rights are respected. It also has a high level of income equality and is often ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world.

5. Austria (1.300)

Austria, This landlocked country of over 9 million people, has moved from the margins at the border between East and West to the core of a bigger Europe since the end of the Cold War. Austria, a relatively new EU member, and non-NATO member, take pleasure in working toward peace amongst political opponents and opening itself to novel kinds of collaboration with its neighbors.

6. Portugal (1.301)

Portugal follows its path to maintaining a secure and peaceful environment. As a result, this country of almost 10 million people is one of the fastest-rising performers on the Global Peace Index, jumping from 18th place in 2014 to the top 10.

Portugal is a popular ex-pat destination due to its high quality of life, ranking above the average of industrialized countries in housing, work-life balance, personal security, and environmental quality. The Portuguese way of life is also relatively inexpensive since the republic is still one of the continent’s best budget travel options.

7. Slovenia (1.316)

Slovenia, which is frequently dominated by surrounding European countries due to tourism, is one of the most historically and ethnically varied countries in Europe since it was the historical crossroads of numerous empires. Today, it has a successful economy and is a member of numerous international organizations, including NATO, the European Union, and the Schengen Area.

In terms of education, Slovenia is among the top countries in Europe and the globe. In addition, approximately one hundred percent of adults are literate.

8. Czech Republic (1.318)

Prague is one of the best places in the world to study abroad for a reason. Not only does it have a lot of history and beautiful architecture, but it is also very safe and quiet. In fact, the Czech Republic has been one of the world’s most peaceful countries, especially regarding foreign policy, for a long time.

The country is a member of NATO, the European Union, and the United Nations. Other things that help keep the country peaceful are low crime rates, good healthcare, and excellent.

9. Singapore (1.326)

Singapore is the 9th most peaceful country, up one spot from where it was in the 2021 Global Peace Index. In addition, it has been the second-most peaceful country in the Asia-Pacific region for the third year.

Singapore is likely the world’s most organized city-state. Incredible verdant cityscapes that are not merely lovely and ornamental. Regarding energy, water conservation, and the environment, Singapore is a global leader in green efforts. Then you have delicious food, safe urban areas, and people who are hospitable to foreigners.

10. Japan (1.336)

Japan is the tenth most peaceful nation. In the 20th century, the country committed horrific war crimes, but it is not currently involved in any active conflicts.

The country’s military is limited by its constitution, which prohibits the government from declaring war or using military force in a foreign conflict. Additionally, it ranks among the best regarding personal safety, income, education, employment, housing, and environmental quality.


The Global Peace Index (GPI) report is the only statistical assessment that ranks 163 independent states according to their peacefulness. The 23 indicators, each banded or standardized on a scale of 1 to 5, are used to evaluate the 163 countries that account for almost 99% of the world’s population.

The following is a list of the Most Peaceful Countries in the World.

Ranks CountryScore
1 Iceland1.107
2 New Zealand1.269
3 Ireland1.288
4 Denmark1.296
5 Austria1.300
6 Portugal1.301
7 Slovenia1.316
8 Czech Republic1.318
9 Singapore1.326
10 Japan1.336
11 Switzerland1.357
12 Canada1.389
13 Hungary1.411
14 Finland1.439
15 Croatia1.440
16 Germany1.462
17 Norway1.465
18 Malaysia1.471
19 Bhutan1.481
20 Slovakia1.499
21 Netherlands1.522
22 Belgium1.526
23 Qatar1.533
24 Bulgaria1.541
25 Poland1.552
26 Sweden1.564
27 Australia1.565
28 Mauritius1.570
29 Spain1.603
30 Taiwan1.618
31 Romania1.640
32 Italy1.643
33 Estonia1.662
34 United Kingdom1.667
35 Latvia1.673
36 North Macedonia1.704
37 Lithuania1.724
38 Costa Rica1.732
39 Kuwait1.739
40 Ghana1.759
41 Albania1.761
42 Mongolia1.775
43 South Korea1.779
44 Vietnam1.786
45 The Gambia1.792
46 Uruguay1.795
47 Indonesia1.800
48= Botswana1.801
48= Montenegro1.801
50 Sierra Leone1.803
51 Laos1.809
52 Serbia1.832
53 Greece1.838
54 Timor-Leste1.839
55 Chile1.840
56 Zambia1.841
57 Jordan1.849
58 Bosnia and Herzegovina1.850
59 Equatorial Guinea1.863
60 United Arab Emirates1.865
61 Panama1.876
62= Cambodia1.882
62= Moldova1.882
64 Oman1.889
65= France1.895
65= Malawi1.895
67 Cyprus1.903
68 Namibia1.908
69 Argentina1.911
70 Senegal1.916
71 Kosovo1.938
72 Rwanda1.945
73 Nepal1.947
74 Morocco1.969
75= Gabon1.973
75= Liberia1.973
77 Paraguay1.976
78 Angola1.982
79 Ecuador1.988
80 Bolivia1.989
81= Dominican Republic1.990
81= Jamaica1.990
83 Armenia1.992
84 Madagascar1.995
85 Tunisia1.996
86= Tanzania2.001
86= Uzbekistan2.001
88 Trinidad and Tobago2.005
89 China2.010
90 Sri Lanka2.020
91 Kyrgyz Republic2.028
92 Tajikistan2.031
93 Eswatini2.033
94 Papua New Guinea2.046
95 Georgia2.065
96 Bangladesh2.067
97 Kazakhstan2.071
98 Cuba2.083
99 Bahrain2.085
100 Lesotho2.089
101 Peru2.091
102 Togo2.094
103 Thailand2.098
104 Turkmenistan2.116
105 Benin2.125
106 Guatemala2.139
107 Guyana2.140
108 Cote d'Ivoire2.144
109 Algeria2.146
110 Guinea-Bissau2.156
111 Republic of the Congo2.184
112 Mauritania2.193
113 Djibouti2.213
114 El Salvador2.231
115 Haiti2.254
116 Belarus2.259
117 Honduras2.269
118 South Africa2.283
119 Saudi Arabia2.288
120 Kenya2.303
121 Uganda2.309
122 Mozambique2.316
123 Guinea2.332
124 Nicaragua2.334
125 Philippines2.339
126 Egypt2.342
127 Zimbabwe2.350
128 Azerbaijan2.437
129 United States of America2.440
130 Brazil2.465
131 Burundi2.470
132 Eritrea2.494
133 Palestine2.552
134 Israel2.576
135 India2.578
136 Chad2.591
137 Mexico2.612
138 Lebanon2.615
139 Myanmar2.631
140 Niger2.655
141 Iran2.687
142 Cameroon2.709
143 Nigeria2.725
144 Colombia2.729
145 Turkey2.785
146 Burkina Faso2.786
147 Pakistan2.789
148 Venezuela2.798
149 Ethiopia2.806
150 Mali2.911
151 Libya2.930
152 North Korea2.942
153 Ukraine2.971
154 Sudan3.007
155 Central African Republic3.021
156 Somalia3.125
157 Iraq3.157
158 Democratic Republic of the Congo3.166
159 South Sudan3.184
160 Russia3.275
161 Syria3.356
162 Yemen3.394
163 Afghanistan3.554







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