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World’s Richest Cities by GDP (Nominal)


The World’s Richest City by GDP is Tokyo, followed by New York, Los Angeles, London, and Paris.

Tokyo metropolitan area is the richest metropolitan area by estimated nominal GDP of 2.05 trillion dollars.


Tokyo is a significant center for global finance, serving some of the biggest investment banks and insurance firms in the world. Tokyo also serves as the hub for Japan’s publishing, electronics, broadcasting, and transportation industries.

Here is a list of the Richest Metropolitan areas by GDP:

Rank (nominal)Metropolitan AreaCountryRegionEst. GDP in Million US$
1Tokyo JapanEastern Asia2,055,698
2New York United StatesNorthern America1,874,398
3Los Angeles United StatesNorthern America1,133,627
4London United KingdomNorthern Europe978,402
5ParisFrance Europe934,168
6Seoul South KoreaEastern Asia926,790
7Chicago United StatesNorthern America714,697
8Osaka–Kobe JapanEastern Asia699,474
9Rhine-Ruhr GermanyEurope636,449
10Shanghai ChinaEastern Asia633,935
11San Francisco United StatesNorthern America593,629
12Beijing ChinaEastern Asia591,374
13Washington, D.C. United StatesNorthern America578,985
14Dallas–Fort Worth United StatesNorthern America523,854
15Boston United StatesNorthern America513,211
16Moscow RussiaEastern Europe504,808
17Houston United StatesNorthern America489,377
18Shenzhen ChinaEastern Asia455,694
19Philadelphia United StatesNorthern America455,653
20Toronto CanadaNorthern America452,492
21Seattle United StatesNorthern America444,337
22Atlanta United StatesNorthern America432,009
23Taipei Taiwan(ROC)Eastern Asia407,838
24Chongqing ChinaEastern Asia407,562
25Guangzhou ChinaEastern Asia405,355
26Sydney AustraliaAustralia and New Zealand398,037
27Miami United StatesNorthern America388,725
28Nagoya JapanEastern Asia379,301
29SingaporeSingaporeSouth-eastern Asia374,394
30Hong Kong Hong Kong (SAR)Eastern Asia368,633
32Milan Italy Europe329,529
33Melbourne AustraliaAustralia and New Zealand318,677
33San Diego United StatesNorthern America290,330
34JakartaIndonesiaSouth-eastern Asia308,250
35Suzhou ChinaEastern Asia301,510
37Madrid SpainEurope280,937
38Phoenix United StatesNorthern America341,841
39Mumbai IndiaSouthern Asia277,980
40Delhi IndiaSouthern Asia272,603
41Minneapolis-St. Paul United StatesNorthern America342,373
42Detroit United StatesNorthern America357,731
43São PauloBrazilSouth America261,642
44Chengdu ChinaEastern Asia260,409
45Busan–Gyeongnam Area South KoreaEastern Asia252,145
46BangkokThailandSouth-eastern Asia252,128
47Mexico City MexicoNorthern America250,455
49Hangzhou ChinaEastern Asia248,721
50Istanbul TurkeyWestern Asia247,312
52Tianjin ChinaEastern Asia235,664




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