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Trust in the United Nations (UN) by Country (2024)

Trust in the United Nations (UN)

According to Edelman’s survey, citizens in certain countries highly trust the UN to “do the right thing,” while others do not.

Edelman recently measured trust in the United Nations through a survey. In November 2023, Edelman surveyed more than 32,000 respondents from 28 countries. Each country sample consisted of 1,150 people, which makes the results statistically significant and representative.

The survey revealed that many major economies and G7 countries had trust levels between 50-60%, including the United States and Germany at 50% and the United Kingdom at 57%.

India and Kenya have shown the highest levels of trust in the United Nations, with a trust level of 77%, closely followed by China at 76%. Interestingly, most African and Asian nations trust the UN more, although a few exceptions exist. For instance, South Africa has a trust level of 53%, and South Korea with 56%.

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