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World’s Largest Importers

Largest importers in the world

The United States, China, and Germany are three of the largest importers in the world, and they are also among the largest economies.

The United States is the largest importer in the world, importing goods worth $3.4 trillion in 2022. The country’s economy is highly reliant on importing a wide variety of goods, which encompasses everything from consumer products to industrial machinery.

China is known for its manufacturing prowess and is the second largest importer of goods globally. In 2022, China imported goods worth $2.7 trillion, a testament to the country’s industrial might and growing middle class.

Germany, meanwhile, is known for its engineering excellence and is the third-largest importer of goods globally. In 2022, the country imported goods worth $1.6 trillion, a significant amount given the size of its economy.

Overall, the import of goods is a critical aspect of the global economy, and countries that rely heavily on imports must have robust trade policies and regulations to ensure that the trade is fair and equitable.

Full List: World’s Largest Importers:

RankCountryImport Value (in Billion)Total ShareYearly % Change
1🇺🇸 United States$3,376B13.20%15.00%
2🇨🇳 China$2,716B10.60%1.00%
3🇩🇪 Germany$1,571B6.10%11.00%
4🇳🇱 Netherlands$899B3.50%19.00%
5🇯🇵 Japan$897B3.50%17.00%
6🇬🇧 UK$824B3.20%19.00%
7🇫🇷 France$818B3.20%14.00%
8🇰🇷 South Korea$731B2.90%19.00%
9🇮🇳 India$723B2.80%26.00%
10🇮🇹 Italy$689B2.70%22.00%
11🇭🇰 Hong Kong SAR$668B2.60%-6.00%
12🇲🇽 Mexico$626B2.40%20.00%
13🇧🇪 Belgium$621B2.40%18.00%
14🇨🇦 Canada$582B2.30%15.00%
15🇪🇸 Spain$493B1.90%18.00%
16🇸🇬 Singapore$476B1.90%17.00%
17🇹🇼 Taiwan$436B1.70%14.00%
18🇦🇪 UAE$425B1.40%12.00%
19🇵🇱 Poland$381B1.50%11.00%
20🇹🇷 Turkey$364B1.40%34.00%
21🇻🇳 Viet Nam$359B1.40%8.00%
22🇨🇭 Switzerland$356B1.40%10.00%
23🇦🇺 Australia$309B1.20%18.00%
24🇹🇭 Thailand$303B1.20%14.00%
25🇲🇾 Malaysia$294B1.10%24.00%
26🇧🇷 Brazil$290B1.10%25.00%
27🇷🇺 Russia$242B0.90%-21.00%
28🇮🇩 Indonesia$237B0.90%21.00%
29🇨🇿 Czech Republic$236B0.90%11.00%
30🇦🇹 Austria$232B0.90%6.00%
31🇸🇪 Sweden$202B0.80%8.00%
32🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia$188B0.70%23.00%
33🇭🇺 Hungary$163B0.60%14.00%
34🇮🇪 Ireland$146B0.60%21.00%
35🇵🇭 Philippines$144B0.60%26.00%
36🇿🇦 South Africa$136B0.50%19.00%
37🇷🇴 Romania$132B0.50%14.00%
38🇩🇰 Denmark$127B0.50%5.00%
39🇵🇹 Portugal$115B0.40%17.00%
40🇸🇰 Slovak Republic$113B0.40%9.00%
41🇮🇱 Israel$110B0.40%16.00%
42🇳🇴 Norway$106B0.40%8.00%
43🇨🇱 Chile$104B0.40%13.00%
44🇬🇷 Greece$98B0.40%27.00%
45🇫🇮 Finland$97B0.40%13.00%
46🇧🇩 Bangladesh$89B0.30%10.00%
47🇪🇬 Egypt$86B0.30%27.00%
48🇦🇷 Argentina$82B0.30%19.00%
49🇮🇶 Iraq$78B0.30%18.00%
50🇭🇷 Croatia$77B0.30%27.00%
🌎 World$25,621B100.00%13.00%
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