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Top 10 Luxurious Airports in the World

Airports and air travel are becoming more accessible than ever before as passengers go via flights rise. So, consumers are likely to engage in luxury airport services to make the trip more delightful. However, airports’ sizes, cleanliness, facilities, and overall experience and lounges offer to differ.

For frequent passengers, hopping between these airports might be exhausting. A jumble of hand luggage and boarding cards adds to the stress of going through security or waiting at gates.

On the other hand, some airports stand out by providing the most significant passenger experience.

The enhanced features of new-fangled airports make travel more entertaining and comfortable. In addition, air travel allows us to save time.

Therefore, the emphasis is on modernizing existing airports and creating new ones, keeping current demands in mind.

Airports are also the first and last stops in the nations you visit. Any aircraft must land at an airport, and every country has at least one airport. As a result, generating a great first impression of the airport is worthwhile.

The Top 10 Most Luxurious Airports are listed below:



The ‘World Airport Survey’ has ranked Singapore Airport as one of the most luxurious airports globally over the past few years. Tigerair, Silkair, and Singapore Airlines are all based there.

Visitors and professionals alike have praised this airport, so it’s easy to see why people would want to arrive early. In addition, Singapore’s Changi Airport has been named the finest among the top 10 Luxurious Airports for the sixth year by Skytrax.

With two parallel tracks and four terminals, this airport serves over 60 million people per year and ranks first among all airports in passenger satisfaction.

Imagine an airport with three. Here are some things one can do while waiting for a flight at Changi Airport. Installations of art Swimming pools, gardens, entertainment centers, and the world’s tallest slide.

There is a movie theater, a platform for enjoyment from the Xbox with the console. One can fully enjoy his free time there.



Haneda International Airport in Tokyo is ranked second on Skytrax’s Top 10 Luxurious Airports list. In addition, in 2013, 2014, and 2016, Skytrack was named the cleanest airport globally. The airport handled around 16 million foreign passengers and 68 million domestic passengers in 2017.

There are three passenger terminals; an underground corridor connects Terminals 1 and 2. On the landside, a free inter-terminal shuttle service connects all terminals.

After Narita and Kansai, Haneda is Japan’s third-largest aviation freight hub. The Tokyo Freight Terminal, the main rail freight yard serving central Tokyo, sits close to the airport property.

Two in the departure hall, four in the arrival hall, and one in the basement are among the airport’s seven information desks. In terminal 2, there are three information desks and one in the international terminal. A business court is located on the first floor of Terminal 1.

Duty-free shops are located on the international terminal’s second floor. In addition, there are ATMs strewn among the terminals. Passengers with disabilities can also use the airport’s facilities.



According to SKYTRAX, it is the third most luxurious airport globally. In Terminal 1, there is a wall exhibition and media photographs in the Hallway. It is well-known for its restaurants and shopping, including the world’s first Duty-Free Louis Vuitton store.

There are various activities at the airport, such as an ice skating rink, a casino, a golf course, a sauna, and a Korean cultural museum. Passengers are entertained throughout their journey. Classical Korean parades and mini-concerts, five museums, five traditional cultural experience centers, and massive works of art strewn over the airport.

The entire culture and beauty of South Korea are on display. In addition, two viewing decks provide passengers with a stunning view of the Ocean Gong. The airport handled more than 60 million travelers last year. 



The airport is situated on a man-made artificial island off Hong Kong’s coast. It is considered one of the most beautiful airports globally. However, the best airport has been Hong Kong International Airport. According to SKYTRAX, it is the third most luxurious airport globally. 

There are a variety of airport lounges where one can rest before your trip, including The SkyCity Nine Eagles golf course located in the terminal and features art exhibitions and a variety of eateries. The main attraction is the SkyCity Nine Eagles golf course.

A fantastic park for families visiting the airport. Dream Come True Education Park is ideal for developing the link between parents and their children via real-life job activities. So while you wait for your flight, spend time with your youngster. In addition, this airport has nine art, culture, and music exhibitions and museums.


The second busiest airport in Germany is Munich International Airport, also known as Franz Josef Strauss International Airport. Munich Airport ranked 5th among the Top 10 Luxurious Airports, is another luxury airport developed for passenger travel.

Munich Airport is located about 30 kilometers outside of the city near the town of Freising. It is Germany’s second busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic after Frankfurt Airport. Munich Airport serves 248 destinations globally and has a passenger capacity of more than 28 million per year.

The Munich Airport Center connects the terminals and serves as a shopping, commercial, and amusement center. A shopping mall and an S-Bahn station are located in the older Central Area, part of Terminal 1. The modern MAC Forum with Terminal 2 is an ample outdoor space with a tent-like cover that is partially translucent.

Next to it is the Hilton Hotels & Resorts-managed airport hotel, which was designed by the world-renowned architect in 1994. The Munich Airport Center has a supermarket open from 5:30 a.m. until midnight every day, including Sundays, because it is exempt from Bavarian retail hours of operation.



Hamad International Airport is currently ranked 6th, located in Qatar’s capital, south of Doha. It is the only international airport and the home of Qatar Airways with the country’s flag carrier airline. Some of its earned titles are “Best Airport in the Middle East,” “Best Airport Staff in the Middle East,” and “COVID-19 Airport Excellence”.

The passengers at this airport have a lot to choose from the facilities. The following lodging choices are available at Sleep ‘n Fly: Sleep Pods with FlexiSuite (one person), YAWN Double Cabin. In addition, ten art installations are distributed throughout the airport near the airport that is free for all tourists to view and photograph.

There’s also a separate space for minors who can’t play video games, as well as refreshments and accessible play areas, a spa, a swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, a hydro-bath Jacuzzi, and a squash court.

7. Chubu Centrair International Airport – JAPAN

Chubu Centrair International Airport is located 35 kilometers south of Nagoya, Japan, on an artificial island in Ise Bay. Construction started in 2001 and took two years to finish. Many sandstone and rock are used, and they preserved the concrete layers on the ocean floor to keep it strong.

They left a small portion on the island for indigenous fauna, but the airport and runway took up most of the land. Centrair is a first-class airport that serves as the principal international gateway for Japan’s Chubu (“central”) area. The fastest “Sky Limited Express” service takes 28 minutes to get from the airport to Meitetsu Nagoya Station.

For domestic flights, there are thirteen gates, while for foreign flights, there are fourteen. It has 11 gates for international flights and nine gates for domestic flights, while Terminal 2 is both domestic and international terminals for budget airlines. 

The 4th Floor Sky Town Shopping Center is open to the public and contains 61 shops and restaurants grouped into two “streets.” The businesses are all decorated differently to give them a more realistic Japanese feel.



Zurich Airport is located in Switzerland and has been in service since 1947. It has three tracks and three terminals and is Switzerland’s largest airport. In 2017, Zürich Airport handled 80,000 travelers per day.

The airport’s interior has a modern design infrastructure. The Zurich airport connects the city to the rest of Switzerland and is home to Swiss International Airlines.

You may rent inline skates or bicycles to pass the time during a layover or take spinning classes at the fitness center, which is noted for its courteous personnel and health focus. In addition, it is possible to plan trips to the local museum.

Because of the airport’s enormity, indoor bikes or trains with Alpine cattle bells are a must-have for getting to your gate on time. The Passenger Airside Center offers free and fast Wi-Fi and 80 different retailers.



Heathrow Airport, formerly known as London Airport until 1966, is a major international airport in London, England. It is now known as London Heathrow. Over 80 airlines utilize Heathrow Airport to operate to 185 destinations in 84 countries.

British Airways’ central hub and a base for Virgin Atlantic are both located at the airport. There are four passenger terminals and one freight terminal on the property.

In 2017, 94 percent of Heathrow’s 78 million passengers were international travelers, with the remaining 6% heading for destinations within the United Kingdom. New York is the busiest single destination with over 3 million passengers.

It has prayer rooms and worship facilities for an art gallery with paintings and statues for sale, one family room, free unlimited Wi-Fi, and prayer rooms and worship facilities for an art gallery with paintings and sculptures for sale.

In addition, a 230-foot-long statue weighing 77 metric tons is housed at Terminal 2, a work of monstrously gorgeous architecture.



Frankfurt Airport is a significant international airport in Frankfurt, Germany’s fifth-largest city and one of the world’s most important financial centers. The airport has a land area of 2,300 hectares.

It includes two passenger terminals with a combined annual capacity of 65 million passengers, four runways, and extensive logistics and maintenance facilities.

Travelers can pick from three main areas for leisure and entertainment: the film world, the music world, and the sports world. Entertainment Gate, or Gaming World. It also contains three rooms for youngsters as well as sports spaces.

Furthermore, one can choose from various shower alternatives at Frankfurt Airport. At the airport, there are two Be Relax outlets. One spa is located near Gate 23, and the other is located near Gate 56 in Terminal 1. It also contains a yoga studio, restaurants, and a smoking area.


The planes that utilize the runways at each airport are subject to various economic charges, including landing and take-off costs. In addition, private jets are highly pricey. An ideal airport contributes to the country’s economic development. Airports that are state-of-the-art enhance the city’s or country’s image.

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