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World’s Best Airports 2023 (Top 100 Airports)


Most travelers‘ first impressions of a country or major city are based on what they see at the airport. Terminals are the literal entrances to the world; millions pass through them yearly. As a result, some governments put much effort into building and keeping up-to-date airports to attract tourists and business. Many countries are proud that their national airlines use a well-known airport as a hub.

Some airports are different. Some are sterile, soulless places with bright blueish lighting and endless hallways. They are just buildings you can use to start your next adventure, whether it’s a weekend trip with friends or a big trip by yourself to a new, faraway place.

Others, on the other hand, can make your holiday experience exceptional from the start. Despite the lines and regulations, the best airports are the ones we expect the most. They have appealing food and drink—perhaps a champagne bar or a microbrewery with a taproom—and distinctive spaces that offer more than just a place to charge your electronic devices. Maybe they have indoor gardens, rooftop terraces with runway views, or even complete adventure playgrounds to keep your children entertained while you wait for your flight.

The most important thing to be proud of is having the best airport in the world, as many people say. Since 1999, Skytrax, an international organization that ranks airports, has completed a customer survey for the title. The survey asks about many things, like how comfortable the airport terminal is, how clean the bathrooms are, how to get there, and how long you must wait at security.

According to Skytrax, its results are determined by global customer satisfaction surveys of more than 550 airports, which rank such factors as-

  • Website of airport
  • Accessible Airport trips
  • security 
  • Terminal Architecture
  • Food and retail alternatives
  • Family facilities, Comfort & Seating 
  • Maintenance and keeping things clean
  • shopping and dining
  • WiFi, leisure, and entertainment

Facts about Best Airports in the World

  • Qatar’s Hamad International Airport, which ranked first in 2021 and 2022, has been dethroned by the Singapore Changi Airport.
  • Changi Airport is honored to be crowned the best airport in the world for the twelfth time.
  • Changi Airport ranks top in Asia.
  • Changi Airport also won awards for being the best airport in the world regarding dining and fun things to do.
  • Tokyo Haneda was voted the cleanest airport in the world.
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (France) ranks top in Europe.
  • The Best Northern European Airport is Helsinki Airport.
  • Seattle and Vancouver were the only North American airports in the top 20 list.
  • Turkey’s Istanbul Airport Named Best for Families.
  • The World’s Best Airport, Staff Service Award, went to Incheon Airport.
  • The Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi has been named the Best Airport in India and South Asia.
  • The World’s Best Airport Security Processing award, went to Zürich Airport, while the World’s Best Airport Baggage Delivery award went to Bahrain International Airport.
  • The best airport in the Australia-Pacific region is Melbourne Airport.
  • Narita Airport has thoughtfully and cleverly installed quiet rooms for passengers with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

What are the best airports in 2023?

1. Singapore Changi Airport (Singapore)

Changi Airport ranks first as the best airport in the world. It is renowned for its extensive and diverse food scene, which extends to the airport. In 2023, Changi International (pictured) also earned the Skytrax award for the world’s best airport dining and the award for the best airport leisure amenities. So don’t miss the fiery Indian cuisine at Bikanervala, the comfort food at Burger & Lobster (a London favorite), or the traditional Singaporean flavors at Kopitiam if you find yourself in Singapore’s vast terminals. In addition, the Jewel Changi complex features a glass-floored canopy bridge, the world’s highest indoor waterfall, and enormous trampolines and slides.

Check into the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport for an overnight layover in 2023; it was voted the world’s best airport hotel for the eighth time. People who have long layovers that last for a while can buy a day pass to the pool area at the Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel. This hotel is inside Terminal 1, so it doesn’t require customs clearance.

Some of the major attractions are:

  • Black: TWG Tea Boutique
  • Candy Empire
  • Beauty in the Pot
  • Goshin Ramen
  • Arrival Garden 
  • Cactus Garden 
  • Hedge MAZE
  • Barista Coffee World

2. Hamad International Airport (Qatar)

Hamad International Airport ranks among the best airports worldwide because it has modern and luxurious facilities, excellent customer service, and a great location.

Qatar Airways, the country’s airline, uses Doha’s airport as a central hub for connecting flights. It has a fitness center, squash courts, and an indoor swimming pool, so it feels more like a resort hotel than a busy transportation hub. High marks have been given for its high-end amenities, such as a wide range of lounges, quiet rooms, and places for children to play, available to all airline class passengers. For people with more extended layovers, a high-end hotel inside the terminal has half-day and full-day rates. If your shoulders feel tight after a long flight, use the hotel’s golf simulator to stretch your muscles.

Also, the airport puts a lot of emphasis on customer service. The staff is friendly and willing to help people at every step of their journey. Overall, Hamad International Airport is a top-notch airport that provides its passengers with a luxurious and easy way to travel.

Some of the major attractions are:

  • Duty-free shopping
  • An art show 
  • A quiet room
  • A hotel Azka
  • The Cafe
  • Argo Tea Cafe
  • AU Gold Boutique

3. Tokyo Haneda International Airport (Japan)

The thirdbest airport in the world is Tokyo Haneda International Airport.The primary entry point into Japan’s capital is a passenger preference for various reasons. This year, Haneda’s Tokyo International Airport won the Skytrax awards for the cleanest airport, best domestic airport, and best accessibility for passengers with reduced mobility.

The bustling international center 45 miles from the nation’s capital is notorious for, among other things, the $200 taxi fare required to reach it. On the other hand, Haneda is only sixteen kilometers from the city’s heart. Still, it’s not just its location that attracts passengers: Haneda receives high marks for the comfort and cleanliness of its terminals, the variety of shopping and dining options, and the quick and efficient transportation links to the heart of Tokyo.

It is best known for its “calm down, cool down” seating areas for anxious or agitated passengers sensitive to sound, light, or crowds and its abundance of spas and massage chairs throughout its three terminals.

Some of the major attractions are:

  • That Sky Lounge
  • Ariso Sushi
  • Lounges
  • Coffee 146
  • Tokyo Pop Town
  • Duty-Free
  • Air Lawson
  • Hotel

4. Incheon International Airport (South Korea)

Incheon International Airport is ranked as the 4th best airport in the world. With a spa, many gardens for relaxing, a movie theatre, and an ice skating ring, Incheon International Airport has been named the fourth-best airport worldwide, with the best airport staff overall. This huge airport is the main airport for South Korea’s sprawling, modern capital, Seoul. In 2022, it served more than 17.8 million people.

The fastest way to get to the north side of the Han river is on the AREX Airport Railroad (Hongdae, Myeongdong, Euljiro, and Jongno). You can take the express train from Incheon Airport to Seoul or the all-stop service, which stops at every station. Most High-Speed Rail and rail services leave Seoul Station, but some KTX services go directly to and from Incheon Airport.

Limousine Airport Buses in the city can be used instead of the airport train. The beautiful leather seats on these coaches make them very comfortable. This service goes to many places in the city, like famous hotels and underground stations.

5. Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport ( France)

Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport (France) is one of the most significant airports in Europe. It operates as a hub for Air France and many other airlines, including Delta, British Airways, and Emirates. It, also known as Roissy Airport or Paris CDG, is the primary airport serving the French capital and the country’s main international airport.

Charles de Gaulle Airport serves nearly 26,187,008 passengers per year, placing it as the ninth busiest airport globally and the second busiest airport in Europe (behind Heathrow) in terms of passenger counts.

Even if you are only passing through the primary airport of the French capital, you can still catch some of the city’s culture and world-class art. Terminals 1 and 2 feature rotating displays from renowned institutions, such as the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles. Terminal 2E is home to the free Instant Paris lounge and a spa offering massages and cosmetic treatments. The Charles de Gaulle airport is also the busiest in the European Union. Therefore, this airport is an excellent option for passengers seeking a comfortable and convenient airport experience.

6. Istanbul Airport (Turkiye)

Istanbul Airport is the world’s sixth-best airport. Since its opening in 2018, Istanbul Airport has firmly established itself as one of the world’s largest and most impressive airports, and it is simple to see why. Airports are no longer stuffy and confining. Here, the primary terminal consists of two curved wings connected by a skylight-lit atrium. In addition to its awe-inspiring architecture, Istanbul Airport offers a variety of conveniences to accommodate even the most discerning travelers, including designer stores and fine-dining restaurants.

Istanbul Airport is a world-class travel place that establishes a new standard for aviation travel in the twenty-first century due to its cutting-edge architecture and facilities. It is unquestionably the connectivity capital as the largest Star Alliance Hub in Europe, with connections to more than 100 European and 50 African destinations.

7. Munich Airport (Germany)

The Munich Airport remained the world’s seventh-best in 2023. Free relaxation lounges with beds and plants, a VIP Wing lounge with a private shuttle to your flight, fine dining, and a biergarten offering traditional Bavarian fare like weisswurst and dumplings (prices start at €382).

At Munich Airport, passenger convenience is a top priority; as a result, the airport offers a wide variety of amenities, including public showers, daycare, and rest areas. Airport procedures rely heavily on technology, especially at security checkpoints. Authorities have recently introduced innovations such as susceptible inspection devices that check carry-on luggage using computer tomography technology, enabling passengers to keep their laptops, cellphones, and permitted liquids inside their bags.

Larger luggage trays allow four passengers to check bags at once, as noted by Lammers: “Those who need more time no longer impede the process.” The most up-to-date body scanners are also found in the streamlined screening lines. For instance, automated explosives detection using modern technology is a significant safety improvement.

The Munich Airport Christmas market, complete with a forest of decorated firs, live music, and an ice skating rink, returned in 2022 after being closed for two years due to a pandemic.

8. Zurich Airport (Switzerland)

Zurich Airport is the world’s eighth-best airport. As the largest international airport in Switzerland, Zurich is also the primary hub for Swiss, which maintains business-class and first-class lounges with champagne and whisky bars.

The airport is conveniently located only 11 minutes by rail from the city’s heart. Infrastructure is contemporary, with more than 80 stores to peruse and a free WiFi connection available for up to two hours.

Passengers adore the 365-day-a-year accessible retail complex at Zurich International Airport. If you have a layover at Zurich airport, you can reserve a room to unwind after an exhausting voyage. Additionally, they have numerous dining alternatives at the airport.

Zurich Airport had reduced carbon emissions by approximately 50 percent since 1991 when it first began assessing energy consumption and climate emissions. This aligns with Switzerland’s Paris Agreement commitments for 2030.

 Some of the major attractions you can experience are:

  • Airport Jet Coiffure
  • Airport Tour
  • Hotel
  • AIR Bakery 
  • Coffee and Companions
  • Heligrill

9. Narita International Airport (Japan)

Narita Airport is ranked as the ninth-best airport in the world. Narita International Airport is one of the best airports in the world due to its accessibility, efficiency, safety, comfort, cleanliness, and customer service. It is located in Narita, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. It is well-connected to major Japanese cities and international destinations, has advanced technology and facilities to process passengers swiftly and efficiently, and has advanced security measures to ensure passenger safety. In addition, the airport provides a variety of amenities and services to make the passengers’ experience pleasant and comfortable, such as lounges, restaurants, stores, and rest areas.

In addition, the airport is renowned for its cleanliness and excellent customer service, with pleasant and knowledgeable employees always available to assist with any questions or concerns.

It’s not surprising that this airport impresses, given that Narita has so many peculiar features. Terminal 2 has its Japanese art gallery, while Terminal 1 features an exhibition on traditional Kabuki theatre. You can nap for less than $12 per hour at the Nine Hours capsule hotel in Terminal 2, suitable for layovers or early morning flights.

The airport officials carefully maintain cleanliness throughout the terminal, and the staff is renowned for providing exceptional customer service.

10. Madrid-Barajas Airport (Spain)

Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport, also known as Madrid Barajas Airport, is one of the best airports in the world because of its modern facilities, excellent transportation links, and dedication to customer service.

It is located northeast of the Spanish capital, and from there, a train journey to any part of the city is inexpensive. But you’ll want to loiter in this airport, through which more than 50 million passengers passed in 2022. SHA Wellness Clinic’s two macrobiotic mini-spas are located in Terminal 4, distinguished by its curved bamboo roof. Each spa, named Esenza by SHA, offers therapeutic treatments in addition to organic foods and beverages.

The airport is conveniently located near the city center and well-connected to domestic and international destinations via railroads, buses, and taxis. The airport’s state-of-the-art facilities and technology facilitate passenger efficiency and navigation. In addition, the airport offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and other services to meet the requirements of passengers. Additionally, Madrid Barajas Airport strongly emphasizes customer service, with pleasant and helpful personnel available to assist passengers at all times. Overall, Madrid Barajas Airport is a world-class facility that provides travelers with a smooth and pleasurable experience.

11. Vienna International Airport (Austria)

Vienna International Airport is considered one of the world’s best airports for various causes. Priorities for Vienna International Airport before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic have always included the following:

  • Ensuring a high level of service for passengers
  • Ensuring the reliability and punctuality of airport operations
  • Reducing our CO2 emissions further

The airport has made significant strides with the new Terminal 2, our climate protection measures, and its operational quality. We are delighted with how the industry and passengers perceive these advancements. However, this award is primarily a recognition of the exceptional performance of our employees, who work tirelessly every day to ensure airport operations run efficiently and passengers can rely on Vienna International Airport.

Modern amenities at the airport include a variety of dining and shopping options, as well as numerous lounges where passengers can unwind. In addition, Vienna International Airport’s location just outside the city center and proximity to public transportation make it a popular option for business and leisure travelers. Furthermore, the airport is renowned for its high safety and security standards, allowing passengers to travel freely.

12. Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (Finland)

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is widely regarded as among the best airports in the world for various reasons. First and foremost, the airport takes great pride in its outstanding customer service, with friendly and competent employees always available to assist passengers. The airport is also known for its modern and spacious facilities, which offer various dining and shopping options to accommodate a variety of budgets and preferences.

Furthermore, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is renowned for its commitment to sustainability, with various eco-friendly initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. Additionally, the airport provides convenient access to public transport connections to the city center and beyond. Finally, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport has a reputation as one of the world’s most efficient airports, with minimal wait times and streamlined operations that make travel as stress-free as possible.

The original terminal building at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, designed by architects Keijo Strom and Olavi Tuomisto, was finished in 1969, and the airport has expanded swiftly since then. First, with the completion of Ruokosuo Architects’ terminal in 1992, and then, with Finland’s accession to the European Union in 1995, PES Architects’ new international airport.

Built-in a V-shape between the existing terminals, the building’s primary purpose was to facilitate the increase in air traffic, particularly from EU countries. The airport was brought into the 21st century by the now-iconic triangular terminal.

13. Rome Fiumicino Airport (Italy)

Leonardo da Vinci Airport, also referred to as Fiumicino Airport, has been recognized as one of the top European airports four times in the previous five years.

Airports Council International (ACI) conferred the prestigious international honor in the hubs category with over 40 million passengers.

The airport offers world-class dining and retail options, including upscale boutiques, luxury brands, and excellent restaurants and cafes. Additionally, the airport provides various convenient services and amenities, including fast and dependable WiFi, currency exchange, and baggage storage facilities.

In addition, Rome Fiumicino Airport is renowned for its convenient access to buses, trains, and taxis that can carry passengers directly to the city center or other destinations throughout Italy. Furthermore, the airport is renowned for its high safety and security standards, allowing passengers to travel freely. Fiumicino has received this recognition for the past five years in succession.

14. Copenhagen Airport (Denmark)

Copenhagen Airport, also known as Kastrup Airport, is widely regarded as one of Europe’s best airports. It is simple to get to and from Copenhagen Airport. The airport terminals are connected to trains and the metro, facilitating travel to Copenhagen, the rest of Denmark, and neighboring Sweden. It takes less than 15 minutes to travel by metro from Copenhagen Airport to the city center. The Copenhagen Airport is the Scandinavian airport with the most intercontinental, European, Scandinavian, and Baltic connections. The airport’s efficiency, punctuality, well-connected flight routes, and high level of security are a tremendous benefit for Greater Copenhagen enterprises.

The airport is renowned for its exceptional customer service, with pleasant and helpful employees available at all times to assist passengers. Modern and well-maintained airport facilities offer various dining and retail options to suit all preferences and budgets. In addition, Copenhagen Airport is renowned for its efficient and dependable transport connections, with simple access to buses, trains, and taxis that can transport passengers directly to the city center or other destinations in Denmark and Scandinavia.

15. Kansai International Airport (Japan)

Kansai International Airport is the world’s fifteenth-best airport. Kansai International Airport is located 45 kilometers south of Osaka on a manufactured island explicitly constructed for the airport. Itami Airport, known as Osaka International Airport (ITM), is only 20 kilometers north of the city center.

According to the airport’s website, Itami has an outstanding selection of stores and eateries. There are numerous options for fine dining and fast cuisine at the airport. Even a provision store is available. Itami also features a complimentary observation deck and a very rudimentary pay-per-use lounge. Additionally, both JAL and ANA have their facilities at the airport.

Itami Airport has many of the same stores and services as Kansai Airport but on a significantly larger scale. Planespotters would adore the airport’s SkyView Observation Hall, a highly remarkable facility. It has considerably more lounges in proportion to its international scope and diversity. Korean Air, ANA, and JAL each have exclusive lounges at Kansai and pay-for-use facilities.

16. Chubu Centrair International Airport (Japan)

The Chubu Centrair International Airport ranks sixteenth as the best airport in the world. Chubu Centrair International Airport in Nagoya, Japan, is regarded as one of the best airports in Asia. Central Japan International Airport Centrair, located just outside of Nagoya, is Japan’s fourth most prominent international airport, after Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, and Kansai Airport.

Two terminal facilities comprise the airport. Terminal 1 is the primary terminal for most airlines’ domestic and international aircraft, while terminal 2 is a smaller terminal used by discount airlines. Five to ten minutes are required to walk between the two terminals.

Next to terminal 2 is the Flight of Dreams retail and dining complex, which displays the first-ever manufactured Boeing 787 and is themed after Seattle, where Boeing’s original headquarters were located. In addition to Seattle-themed stores and restaurants, the complex houses a (Boeing) aircraft museum suitable for children. Japanese companies made significant contributions to the development of the Boeing 787 aircraft.

Moreover, passengers have simple access to buses, trains, and taxis that will take them directly to their destination from the airport. Chubu Centrair International Airport is also renowned for its impeccable sanitation and hygiene.

17. Dubai International Airport (Dubai)

Dubai International Airport is widely regarded as one of the world’s largest and busiest airports, as well as one of the best. It is the most dynamic aviation hub in the Middle East and the most active international airport globally, with annual passenger traffic exceeding 90 million. If you find that number challenging to comprehend, contemplate this: 526 check-in counters are located at Dubai International Airport. The airport features state-of-the-art amenities, such as various restaurants, boutiques, and lounges, and excellent connections to the city and beyond. The airport is also renowned for its commitment to luxury and high-end service, with a comprehensive selection of VIP and first-class services accessible to passengers.

In addition, Dubai International Airport is renowned for its exceptional customer service, with friendly and helpful personnel accessible at all times to assist passengers. Furthermore, the airport is a popular destination in its own right due to its remarkable architecture and design, which includes the world’s largest airport terminal and an indoor waterfall. Finally, Dubai International Airport is committed to sustainability and has implemented many eco-friendly initiatives to reduce its environmental impact.

18. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (United States)

The 18th best airport in the world is the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), also called Seattle Airport and Sea-Tac, serves the entire Seattle metropolitan area and Tacoma in Washington. It is the largest airport in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. It is the 16th busiest airport in the United States, with about 33 million people going through it yearly. The Seattle Airport is about 19 km from downtown, and the Sound Transit light rail system goes there. Despite its name, the airport is the largest hub for Alaska Airlines and its subsidiary Horizon Air. Delta Air Lines also uses the airport as an international gateway.

The airport is known for running smoothly and quickly, with short wait times and easy connections to other modes of transportation that make travel as stress-free as possible. Modern and well-kept, the airport’s facilities offer a variety of places to eat and shop for people of all tastes and budgets. Also, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is committed to sustainability. It has some eco-friendly programs to reduce its carbon footprint and encourage people to do things sustainably.

The airport is also known for its excellent customer service, with staff members who are always friendly and willing to help. Lastly, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport makes getting to Seattle and other places in the Pacific Northwest easy. This is an excellent place for tourists to stay while they explore the area. One of Seattle Airport’s top goals is to give travelers an environment that shows Seattle’s diversity.

19. Melbourne Airport (Australia)

Melbourne Airport, also known as Tullamarine Airport, is regarded as one of Australia’s finest terminals. The busiest airport in Australia is Sydney Airport, followed by Melbourne Airport. The airport is renowned for its convenient access to buses, trains, and taxis, which can convey passengers directly to Victoria’s city center and other destinations. In addition, modern and well-maintained airport facilities offer various dining and retail options to suit all preferences and budgets.

Additionally, Melbourne Airport is committed to sustainability and has implemented some eco-friendly initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. Additionally, the airport is renowned for its excellent customer service, with pleasant and helpful employees available at all times to assist passengers. Lastly, Melbourne Airport is well-designed and simple to navigate, with clear signage and an efficient layout that minimizes travel-related tension.

From the airport, you can journey to destinations in Oceania, Asia, North America, and South America. Melbourne Airport has two runways and four terminals. Melbourne Airport is adjacent to Avalon Airport, the nearest airport to Torquay, the Great Ocean Road’s starting point. Melbourne Airport is located northwest of Melbourne city center.

20. Vancouver International Airport (Canada)

Vancouver International Airport ranks twenty-first among the world’s airports. It is one of North America’s best airports. Vancouver Airport is receiving international acclaim for landing on a list of the finest airports in the world, surpassing every other airport in Canada and Pearson Airport by a significant margin. Vancouver ranked significantly higher than its Canadian counterparts, with Montréal in 45th place and Toronto Pearson in 64th.

The airport is well-known for its outstanding facilities, including various dining and shopping options and convenient city center connections. Additionally, the airport is renowned for its efficient and courteous customer service, with staff available at all times to assist passengers.

Vancouver International Airport is also committed to sustainability and has implemented some eco-friendly initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. In addition, the airport’s spectacular design and architecture make it a popular destination in its own right, with features such as the award-winning international terminal and the public art installations that reflect the region’s cultural heritage.

Vancouver International Airport provides convenient access to the city of Vancouver and other destinations in British Columbia and beyond, making it an ideal regional gateway for travelers.

Here is a full list of the 100 best Airports worldwide according to Skytrax 2023:

RankAirport NameCountry
1Singapore Changi AirportSingapore
2Hamad International AirportQatar
3Tokyo Haneda International AirportJapan
4Incheon International AirportSouth Korea
5Paris Charles de Gaulle AirportFrance
6Istanbul AirportTurkiye
7Munich International AirportGermany
8Zurich AirportSwitzerland
9Narita International AirportJapan
10Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport Spain
11Vienna International AirportAustria
12Helsinki AirportFinland
13Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino AirportItaly
14Copenhagen AirportDenmark
15Kansai International AirportJapan
16Chubu Centrair International AirportJapan
17Dubai International AirportUnited Arab Emirates
18Seattle-Tacoma International AirportUnited States
19Melbourne AirportAustralia
20Vancouver International AirportCanada
21Düsseldorf AirportGermany
22London Heathrow AirportUnited Kingdom
23Brisbane AirportAustralia
24Guangzhou Baiyun International AirportChina
25Frankfurt AirportGermany
26Bahrain International AirportBahrain
27King Khalid International AirportSaudi Arabia
28Haikou Meilan International AirportChina
29Amsterdam Airport SchipholNetherlands
30Fukuoka AirportJapan
31Shenzhen Bao'an International AirportChina
32Houston Hobby AirportUnited States
33Hong Kong International AirportHong Kong SAR
34Barcelona Airport Spain
35George Bush Intercontinental AirportUnited States
36Indira Gandhi International AirportIndia
37El Dorado International AirportColombia
38Hamburg AirportGermany
39Paris Orly AirportFrance
40Quito International AirportEcuador
41King Abdulaziz International AirportSaudi Arabia
42Muscat International AirportOman
43Jakarta AirportIndonesia
44King Fahd International AirportSaudi Arabia
45Montréal–Trudeau International AirportCanada
46Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International AirportUnited States
47Cape Town International AirportSouth Africa
48San Francisco International AirportUnited States
49Sydney AirportAustralia
50Shanghai Hongqiao International AirportChina
51Auckland AirportNew Zealand
52Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International AirportSaudi Arabia
53Heydar Aliyev International AirportAzerbaijan
54Gold Coast AirportAustralia
55London Gatwick AirportUnited Kingdom
56Cologne Bonn AirportGermany
57LaGuardia AirportUnited States
58Perth AirportAustralia
59Chengdu Tianfu International AirportChina
60Athens International AirportGreece
61King Shaka International AirportSouth Africa
62Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International AirportUnited States
63Los Angeles International AirportUnited States
64Toronto Pearson International AirportCanada
65Rajiv Gandhi International AirportIndia
66Dallas Fort Worth International AirportUnited States
67Kuala Lumpur International AirportMalaysia
68Suvarnabhumi AirportThailand
69Kempegowda International AirportIndia
70London City AirportUnited Kingdom
71Denver International AirportUnited States
72Xi'an Xianyang International AirportChina
73Adelaide International AirportAustralia
74Gimpo International AirportSouth Korea
75O. R. Tambo International AirportSouth Africa
76Oslo Gardermoen AirportNorway
77Budapest Ferenc Liszt International AirportHungary
78Málaga–Costa del Sol Airport Spain
79Malta International AirportMalta
80Denpasar International AirportIndonesia
81Porto AirportPortugal
82Taiwan Taoyuan International AirportTaiwan
83Lisbon AirportPortugal
84Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International AirportIndia
85Stockholm Arlanda AirportSweden
86Milan Malpensa AirportItaly
87Abu Dhabi International AirportUnited Arab Emirates
88John F. Kennedy International AirportUnited States
89Jorge Chávez International AirportPeru
90Alicante–Elche Miguel Hernández AirportSpain
91Palma de Mallorca AirportSpain
92Calgary International AirportCanada
93Keflavík International AirportIceland
94Phoenix Sky Harbor International AirportUnited States
95Osaka International AirportJapan
96Boston Logan International AirportUnited States
97Changsha Huanghua International AirportChina
98Lyon–Saint-Exupéry AirportFrance
99Minneapolis–Saint Paul International AirportUnited States
100Christchurch AirportNew Zealand

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