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Cities With The Best Health Care (Full List of Cities)


Healthcare has doctors, nurses, dentists, mental health centers, nursing homes, physical and occupational therapists, and more. Having an excellent public health system can improve the quality of life.

The Numbeo healthcare index is ranked based on the following factors.

  • Infrastructure for Healthcare
  • Costing
  • Healthcare providers such as physicians, nurses, and other medical personnel and the quality of their services
  • Access to high-quality medicines

    Types of Healthcare

    1. Universal government-funded healthcare- Everyone in the nation has access to healthcare, regardless of their employment status or financial circumstance. Many countries, including Australia, Canada, Singapore, Norway, and the United Kingdom, employ this system.
    2. Universal public insurance system- Typically, the government deducts funds from paychecks to pay for health insurance. China, France, Japan, South Korea, and other nations utilize this system.
    3. Universal private health insurance system- Similar to the Netherlands and Switzerland, the government provides subsidies to low-income citizens who cannot afford insurance.

Facts about Healthcare

  • At least 90% of the population in 43 countries receives free or universal healthcare.
  • Numerous individuals and governments regard healthcare access as a fundamental human right.
  • In 1995, Taiwan created universal health insurance.
  • The Health insurance “Smart Cards” in Taiwan contain memory chips that allow immediate access to patient information such as medical history, medications, and hospitalization outcomes.
  • The government of Taiwan pays for all of the premiums for the poor and a portion of the premiums for soldiers, self-employed people, and farmers.
  • The United States spends more on health care than the rest of the developed world.
  • In the U.S., 17.7% of the Gross Domestic Product is spent on health care. (GDP).
  • One in every eight Americans is a healthcare worker.
  • The annual cost of health treatment in the United States was $3.8 trillion in 2019 or $11,582 per capita.
  • In numerous nations, citizens or inhabitants have yet to receive a bill for health care. “Free” healthcare that is not free. The general public frequently contributes to the cost of government-provided healthcare.
  • Although the United Kingdom‘s National Health Service is renowned for providing free healthcare to its citizens, a hospital bed costs visitors $1,125 per day, comparable to the United States’ cost.
  • Making health care less expensive is one of the best ways to improve health worldwide.
  • Quality health services should be effective, safe, people-centered, timely, equitable, integrated, and efficient.

Here, Each city is given a score with a total score out of 100.

The top 10 cities with the best healthcare with Information:

1. Taipei (Taiwan) Score-86.4

The Taiwanese healthcare system believes that everyone deserves access to healthcare. The cost to the patient is low. In addition, the government has established specialized healthcare initiatives. As evidence of coverage, the patients receive an I.D. card containing their medical records. The Taiwanese program functions exceptionally well: 1% of total funding is devoted to administrative expenses.

Health care includes hospital care, primary care, prescription medications, and traditional Chinese medicine. Copayments are required when patients consult a doctor, fill a prescription, or visit the emergency room. Nevertheless, these copayments are typically modest, averaging $12 or less. 

Patients with lesser incomes are eligible for additional cost-sharing reductions. Patients with higher incomes can purchase private insurance for services not covered by the single-payer system.

Taipei City Government has joined forces with the Departments of Health, Social Welfare, and Information Technology and the Law and Regulation Commission to promote “Taipei Telecare Services.” It contributes to the promotion of healthy aging locally, the development of a system of comprehensive, peaceful care for the elderly, the rise of workplace well-being, and the reduction of the risk of chronic diseases.

2. Kaohsiung (Taiwan) Score-86.4

The Kaohsiung healthcare system has expanded substantially in recent years, and numerous aspects of medical care delivery are still being evaluated for improvement. Various government-supported or mandated health insurance programs give Chinese citizens universal health care. In addition, there are different private healthcare options, and combining public insurance with personal coverage is possible.

Kaohsiung’s healthcare system is rapidly expanding and has already played a significant role in the nation’s transformation. Additional reforms are being implemented to ensure that all citizens receive the care they need and to provide residents and citizens with higher incomes with more care options and choices.

3. Gold Coast (Australia) Score-84.9

Australia has one of the finest healthcare systems on the globe. It provides its citizens with access to affordable, high-quality healthcare. Medicare is the name of Australia’s universal health insurance program. It ensures affordable or accessible access to an extensive range of medical and hospital services for all Australians and certain international visitors. In 2022–2023, the Australian government invested a record-breaking $132 billion in an improved healthcare system as part of its strategy for a stronger future. With this unprecedented quantity of funding, Australians will have access to better healthcare when and where they need it, resulting in healthier lifestyles, improved health outcomes, and ongoing protection against COVID-19.

The Health Delivery Modernization Program, which is supported by a $72 million government investment, seeks to modernize Australia’s healthcare system by introducing innovative new care delivery strategies and maintaining the momentum toward adopting new technologies.

4. Chiang Mai (Thailand) Score-84.1

Thailand is renowned worldwide for its affordable and adequate healthcare system. Chiang Mai is home to some of these institutions that provide services of an international standard.

The Bangkok Hospital is a renowned network of private hospitals in Chiang Mai that provides superior medical services. There, not just in Thailand, is one of Southeast Asia’s most significant privately owned hospitals. The hospital’s helipad conveys critical patients to other facilities in an emergency.

Public hospitals provide primary medical care, whereas private hospitals provide more specialized services. In addition, many private medical facilities provide various healthcare services, such as general practice, dentistry, and optometry.

Numerous medical facilities offer traditional Thai medicine, including massage therapy and herbal treatments. In addition, numerous Chiang Mai pharmacies sell prescription and over-the-counter medications.

One of the pioneers in Thailand’s medical tourism industry. Because the cost of health care is a minuscule fraction of what it is in the West. Its urban private hospitals are almost always crowded with foreign patients. In addition to cosmetic procedures, the country is renowned for its orthopedic care, dental work, and cardiac surgery.

5. Trondheim (Norway) Score-82.6

In Norway, healthcare is not affordable, but it is extensively subsidized. The governing principles of the Norwegian healthcare system are universal access, decentralization, and provider choice.

The Norwegian healthcare expenditure per capita is the highest in the globe. Access to healthcare services is a right for all Norwegian National Insurance system participants. However, treatment is not free. Therefore, Norwegians pay for medical services at the site of service. Each individual in the healthcare system will have a digital health record. This contains the patient’s physician’s notes and data from clinics, physicians, and other medical facilities, such as test results.

Because confidentiality is so important, only you and the healthcare professionals directly involved in your care can access your medical records.

6. Seoul (South Korea) Score-82.6

Seoul is known for its high-tech medical equipment and facilities for health care. Because of this, some of the best medical centers in the world offer a wide range of procedures and treatments.

The quality of health care in Seoul is the same as in most Western towns. Many hospitals and foreign clinics in the city have great medical care and staff who speak English. South Korea also has a program called National Health Insurance, a publicly required insurance program for everyone.

Medical treatments in Seoul are much cheaper than in developed countries, which makes the city a good choice for people who need medical care. Seoul also has high-quality medical care. Qualified physicians and nurses use modern equipment to provide patients with the best possible care.

One of the main reasons medical tourists go to Seoul is for cosmetic surgery. There are some of the best plastic doctors in the world in Seoul. In Seoul, people who need them for facial rejuvenation, body contouring, or minimally invasive procedures can get the newest and most cutting-edge cosmetic surgery techniques.

7. Glasgow (United Kingdom) Score-82.4

The United Kingdom is the place of some of the world’s best and most renowned medical facilities. This is because British citizens have access to the National Health Service (NHS) based on clinical needs rather than financial means.

National Health Services supervises and directs the country’s healthcare system with the intention of publicly funded healthcare providers. However, the World Health Organization estimates that 85 percent of healthcare costs in the United Kingdom are covered by government funding. The remaining 15% is the responsibility of the private sector.

8. Cuenca (Ecuador) Score-82.1

The healthcare system in Ecuador has been changed in many ways, such as by spending more on hospitals and other healthcare centers. Also, the government has made stopping diseases, teaching people about health and sanitation, and ensuring everyone has access to these things some of its top objectives.

The public health system in Ecuador is strong, and the country has a national health insurance scheme. So, no matter how much money they have, all residents are eligible to free health care even if they don’t have health insurance.

Given its income level, Ecuador only met 89.8% of what was expected of it regarding the right to reproductive health. This puts it in the “fair” group.

9. Leeds (United Kingdom) Score-81.8

There are 57,000 people who work in healthcare in Leeds. So, Leeds is one of the best places in the U.K. to work in health and social care.

Leeds has a high cost of living. The current healthcare system will cost about £269 billion in 2020, which is a small rise of 20% from 2019.

Depending on the type of funding, the growth in non-government healthcare spending was different. For example, the coronavirus pandemic made people spend less on medical services and more on medical supplies.

10. The Hague (Netherlands) Score-80.0

Healthcare in the Netherlands is renowned for being among the finest in Europe. Consistently ranked as one of the world’s finest, the Netherlands’ universal healthcare system is renowned for its excellence.

In the Netherlands, healthcare is provided by a private insurance-operated, universal public health insurance program. As a result, the healthcare system in the Netherlands is renowned for its high standards and superior infrastructure.

In the Netherlands, primary healthcare is provided by primary care facilities and general practitioner services, while a network of hospitals conducts secondary and emergency care. The Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport is the government agency that administers nationwide public healthcare.

Health insurance is free for children under the age of 18. However, for an additional fee, many individuals elect for higher insurance coverage, which pays for additional treatments not covered by the standard plan.

The weakest healthcare system

Cities that have the lowest health systems are –

  1. Caracas, Venezuela – 38.7
  2. Dhaka, Bangladesh – 40.1
  3. Casablanca, Morocco – 44.8
  4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 45.0
  5. Cairo, Egypt – 45.5
  6. Lagos, Nigeria 46.3
  7. Alexandria, Egypt – 46.4
  8. Baku, Azerbaijan – 46.6
  9. Galway, Ireland – 47.7
  10. Almaty, Kazakhstan – 47.7

Medical Tourism

Even in developed nations such as the United States, where there appears to be no shortage of medical treatment and care, medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular. It involves traveling to another country for medical, dental, or cosmetic treatment. There are numerous reasons for these types of trips, including expensive healthcare costs, inadequate medical insurance, lack of specialist-driven procedures, lack of access to the most advanced technologies, and pursuing alternative treatments that are not available or not approved in the host country.

The top six destinations for medical tourism are:

  1. Canada
  2. Singapore
  3. Japan
  4. Spain
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Germany

Here is a Full List of the Cities with the Best Healthcare Worldwide According to the NUMBEO  Healthcare Index by City 2023:

RankCityHealth Care Index Score
1Taipei, Taiwan86.4
2Kaohsiung, Taiwan86.4
3Gold Coast, Australia84.9
4Chiang Mai, Thailand84.1
5Trondheim, Norway82.6
6Seoul, South Korea82.6
7Glasgow, United Kingdom82.4
8Cuenca, Ecuador82.1
9Leeds, United Kingdom81.8
10The Hague (Den Haag), Netherlands80
11Madrid, Spain80
12Tokyo, Japan79.90
13Valencia, Spain79.8
14Cleveland, OH, United States79.8
15Guadalajara, Mexico79.7
16Bursa, Turkey79.40
17Vienna, Austria79.2
18Manchester, United Kingdom79.09
19Paris, France79.09
20Helsinki, Finland78.90
21Edinburgh, United Kingdom78.8
22Gent, Belgium78.8
23Hamilton, Canada78.8
24Rotterdam, Netherlands78.7
25Medellin, Colombia78.59
26Minneapolis, MN, United States78.5
27Adelaide, Australia78.3
28Copenhagen, Denmark78
29Edmonton, Canada77.7
30Oslo, Norway77.7
31Eindhoven, Netherlands77.59
32Canberra, Australia77.59
33Barcelona, Spain77.59
34Qingdao, Shandong, China77.5
35Bologna, Italy77.40
36Baltimore, MD, United States77.3
37Bangkok, Thailand77.09
38Sydney, Australia77
39Luxembourg, Luxembourg77
40Munich, Germany76.59
41Madison, WI, United States76.3
42Bergen, Norway76
43Antalya, Turkey75.90
44Brisbane, Australia75.90
45Porto, Portugal75.90
46Nizhny Novgorod, Russia75.7
47Toronto, Canada75.59
48Pittsburgh, PA, United States75.59
49Pattaya, Thailand75.3
50Frankfurt, Germany75.2
51Melbourne, Australia75.09
52Calgary, Canada75
53Kelowna, Canada74.90
54Prague, Czech Republic74.7
55Kaunas, Lithuania74.5
56Boston, MA, United States74.5
57Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel74.40
58Bristol, United Kingdom74.40
59Brno, Czech Republic74.3
60Zurich, Switzerland74.09
61Hamburg, Germany74
62Vilnius, Lithuania74
63Vancouver, Canada73.90
64Kansas City, MO, United States73.90
65Brussels, Belgium73.90
66Doha, Qatar73.8
67Lausanne, Switzerland73.8
68Indianapolis, IN, United States73.59
69Stavanger, Norway73.3
70Haifa, Israel73.3
71Portland, OR, United States73.2
72Cologne, Germany73.09
73Perth, Australia72.90
74Ottawa, Canada72.90
75Geneva, Switzerland72.7
76Izmir, Turkey72.7
77Villach, Austria72.7
78Tallinn, Estonia72.5
79Honolulu, HI, United States72.5
80Lisbon, Portugal72.40
81Amsterdam, Netherlands72.3
82Birmingham, United Kingdom72.3
83Seattle, WA, United States72.2
84Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates72.09
85Houston, TX, United States72
86Colombo, Sri Lanka71.90
87Timisoara, Romania71.90
88San Jose, CA, United States71.90
89Quebec City, Canada71.8
90Milan, Italy71.7
91Auckland, New Zealand71.7
92Quito, Ecuador71.7
93Salt Lake City, UT, United States71.2
94Stuttgart, Germany71.09
95Malaga, Spain71
96Singapore, Singapore70.90
97Belfast, United Kingdom70.7
98Jerusalem, Israel70.5
99London, United Kingdom70.2
100Washington, DC, United States69.90
101Mississauga, Canada69.8
102Atlanta, GA, United States69.59
103Denver, CO, United States69.5
104Charlotte, NC, United States69.5
105Chennai, India69.5
106Istanbul, Turkey69.5
107Buenos Aires, Argentina69
108San Diego, CA, United States68.90
109Monterrey, Mexico68.8
110Philadelphia, PA, United States68.8
111Ankara, Turkey68.8
112Cincinnati, OH, United States68.8
113Split, Croatia68.7
114Nanaimo, BC, Canada68.59
115Malmo, Sweden68.59
116Cape Town, South Africa68.59
117Columbus, OH, United States68.40
118Winnipeg, Canada68.40
119Sacramento, CA, United States68.40
120Montevideo, Uruguay68.2
121Halifax, Canada68.09
122Coimbatore, India68.09
123Dubai, United Arab Emirates68.09
124Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia68.09
125Berlin, Germany68
126Beijing, China67.90
127Gothenburg, Sweden67.90
128Reykjavik, Iceland67.8
129Raleigh, NC, United States67.7
130Austin, TX, United States67.59
131San Antonio, TX, United States67.40
132Astana (Nur-Sultan), Kazakhstan67.3
133Pune, India67
134Turin, Italy67
135Florence, Italy67
136Victoria, Canada66.90
137Wellington, New Zealand66.90
138Curitiba, Brazil66.8
139Guangzhou, China66.7
140Stockholm, Sweden66.59
141Phoenix, AZ, United States66.59
142Ahmedabad, India66.40
143Tampa, FL, United States66.40
144Ljubljana, Slovenia66.3
145Dallas, TX, United States66.2
146London, Canada66.09
147Pretoria, South Africa66.09
148Kitchener, Canada66.09
149Bangalore, India66.09
150Santiago, Chile66
151Regina, Canada65.8
152Hong Kong, Hong Kong (China)65.8
153Manama, Bahrain65.8
154Delhi, India65.7
155Moscow, Russia65.5
156Mexico City, Mexico65.40
157Milwaukee, WI, United States65.2
158Mumbai, India65.2
159Beirut, Lebanon65.2
160Amman, Jordan65
161Bogota, Colombia65
162Hyderabad, India64.90
163Chicago, IL, United States64.8
164Rijeka, Croatia64.59
165Riyadh, Saudi Arabia64.59
166Gurgaon, India64.5
167Cluj-Napoca, Romania64.5
168Asuncion, Paraguay64.40
169Islamabad, Pakistan64.2
170Guatemala City, Guatemala64.09
171Nashville, TN, United States63.9
172San Francisco, CA, United States63.9
173Belo Horizonte, Brazil63.9
174Saskatoon, Canada63.9
175Manila, Philippines63.7
176Miami, FL, United States63.7
177Shanghai, China63.6
178Zagreb, Croatia63.5
179Montreal, Canada63.5
180Porto Alegre, Brazil63.3
181Kochi, India63.3
182San Juan, Puerto Rico63
183Orlando, FL, United States62.8
184Albuquerque, NM, United States62.8
185Recife, Brazil62.7
186Lahore, Pakistan62.5
187San Jose, Costa Rica62.5
188Los Angeles, CA, United States62.5
189Detroit, MI, United States62.4
190Nairobi, Kenya62.3
191New York, NY, United States62.3
192Varna, Bulgaria62.2
193Thiruvananthapuram, India61.9
194Mangalore, India61.8
195Campinas, Brazil61.3
196Riga, Latvia61
197Lviv, Ukraine61
198Johannesburg, South Africa60.6
199Panama City, Panama60.1
200Kuwait City, Kuwait60
201Rome, Italy60
202Florianopolis, Brazil59.9
203Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam59.9
204Warsaw, Poland59.8
205Saint Petersburg, Russia59.8
206Jeddah (Jiddah), Saudi Arabia59.6
207Muscat, Oman59.4
208Tucson, AZ, United States59.3
209Sao Paulo, Brazil58.7
210Durban, South Africa58.4
211Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina58.4
212Lima, Peru58
213Kolkata, India57.8
214Hanoi, Vietnam57.6
215Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine57.6
216Krakow (Cracow), Poland57.5
217Sofia, Bulgaria57.4
218Karachi, Pakistan57.3
219Accra, Ghana57
220Novosibirsk, Russia56.9
221Athens, Greece56.9
222Bratislava, Slovakia56.8
223Wroclaw, Poland56.7
224Jakarta, Indonesia56.6
225Iasi, Romania56.3
226Algiers, Algeria56.1
227Cork, Ireland55.9
228Kathmandu, Nepal55.8
229Tunis, Tunisia55.6
230Yerevan, Armenia55.6
231Las Vegas, NV, United States55.3
232Thessaloniki, Greece55
233Bucharest, Romania54.8
234Skopje, North Macedonia54.8
235Poznan, Poland54.5
236Nicosia, Cyprus54.5
237Tbilisi, Georgia54.3
238Belgrade, Serbia53.5
239Dnipro, Ukraine53.2
240Tehran, Iran52.6
241Budapest, Hungary52.6
242Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic51.9
243Limassol, Cyprus51.4
244Brasilia, Brazil51.4
245Dublin, Ireland51.2
246Yekaterinburg, Russia51.1
247Chisinau, Moldova51
248Novi Sad, Serbia50.8
249Odessa (Odesa), Ukraine50.4
250Gdansk, Poland50.2
251Port of Spain, Trinidad And Tobago48.6
252Banja Luka, Bosnia And Herzegovina48.4
253Kharkiv, Ukraine48.1
254Minsk, Belarus48
255Tirana, Albania48
256Almaty, Kazakhstan47.7
257Galway, Ireland47.7
258Baku, Azerbaijan46.6
259Alexandria, Egypt46.4
260Lagos, Nigeria46.3
261Cairo, Egypt45.5
262Rio de Janeiro, Brazil45
263Casablanca, Morocco44.8
264Dhaka, Bangladesh40.1
265Caracas, Venezuela38.70


It is important to maintain good health to live an enjoyable life. After a pandemic, global health systems require immediate transformation because they have reached a crisis point. However, health is an asset to be invested in, not a cost to be minimized.

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