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Safest Cities In The World (424 Cities Ranked)


Most people on Earth now call a city home, making security an important consideration when deciding where to settle down. Finding a safe and secure destination reduces anxiety and fear, whether traveling overseas or starting a new life in a new nation. But, of course, there is a wide range of protection from one country to the next and even from one city to the next.

How can we measure the safety of a city?

To measure a city’s safety, the NUMBEO Index ranked 424 cities around the world considering the following factors:

  • The level of crime
  • Safety walking during daylight and night
  • Mugging or robbery and car stolen
  • Physically attacked by strangers
  • Insulted or pestered by anybody
  • Physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender or religion
  • People using and dealing drugs
  • Property and violent crimes

Based on these factors, cities receive a score between 0 and 100. This report from Numbeo is significant because 56% of the world’s population lives in cities. By 2050, 68% of the population is expected to reside in cities. Therefore, urban management will be crucial in determining the quality of life for the world’s increasing urban population as cities expand. A city’s capacity to provide a safe and secure environment for its residents, businesses, and visitors is key to effective urban management.

What Are the Top 20 Safest Cities in the World?

The following are the top 20 safest cities in the world as of 2023:

1. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – 88.3

The capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, has once again been named the safest city in the world. It is the 6th year in a row that the city has been named the best. It is a place where most of the people are from other countries, so crimes like mugging, kidnapping, and pickpocketing happen less often.

Foreigners don’t commit crimes because they would be sent home right away if they did. Men and women can walk around Abu Dhabi safely at any time of the day or night. Since this country is known for being wealthy and successful, only some scams happen there. If you want a safe location to raise a family or want to see everything the UAE has to offer, Abu Dhabi should be on your list of possible places to live. Living in Abu Dhabi is a chance you can’t pass up.

2. Doha, Qatar – 86.0

Are you looking for a place with fewer people? If yes, go to Doha, the center of Qatar which has all the services you need. The Numbeo Safety Index has ranked this city on the water as the second safest city in the world for the past three years. Doha is an Arabian city that has been trying to keep up with the best cities in the Arabian Gulf. This happened after its masters made a lot of progress on it.

With the best services and amenities, you’re sure to have a great time during your stay. Also, whether you are Arabic or not, you are very welcome by the people who live there since most of them are from different countries. There is no danger for tourists. It would help if you didn’t worry about your safety in Doha, where the crime index rate is 14.5, which is very low.

3. Ajman, UAE – 84.9

In Ajman, people have a very high opinion of how safe it is to walk at night, but they have very low fears of having their car stolen, attacked, or damaged. Ajman Police have implemented many security projects and programs to reduce crime, make roads safer, respond faster to situations, and provide better services.

As a result, Ajman has a crime score of 15.5, much lower than the average of all other cities in the UAE. A strong police presence and good relationships with the community are two things that add to this low crime rate.

4. Taipei, Taiwan – 84.8

If you like Asian towns, this one is for you. It’s the capital of Taiwan, and it’s called Taipei. It is also the fourth safest place in the world. It has the lowest crime score at 14.3, a public transportation system that works well and is secure, and some of the nicest people you will ever meet. In Taipei, you won’t have any problem and will feel safe everywhere you go.

Some of the nicest people in the world live in Taiwan. They will do everything possible to ensure your safety and happiness in their country. Taipei is one of those cities where it is secure day and night. Taipei is a financial, governmental, and artistic center. Not only that but the top stars in the field of electronics are based in this unique city. Taipei is amazing because it has tall buildings and wide, beautiful green spaces, making for the best stay.

5. Sharjah, UAE- 84.6

Sharjah is the place to move to if you want to live in a safe and affordable city. With a crime index rate of 14.2, the city is considered the third best in the country. Living, working, and raising a family in Sharjah is safe. The city has a lot of police officers and a lot of security firms. A lot of CCTV cams are also set up all over the city. This well-known one is home to people from many countries who want a good standard of living and other kinds of work. It’s also a good choice because it’s in one of the cheaper emirates and gives you the best living experience.

6. Quebec City, Canada- 83.8

Quebec City is the only North American city in this list’s top 20. Not only is it one of the safest cities in the country, but it also has the lowest crime index (16.1) and is deemed the safest city to raise children in Canada.

Quebec has a significantly lower incidence of violent crime and homicide than almost every other major city in Canada or the United States. Observing how peaceful, secure, and civilized the city dwellers are remarkable. The danger of violent robberies and armed assaults is minimal in Quebec City.

In Quebec City and its surrounding areas, there is no reason to dread walking the streets or encountering violence. It is a secure, vibrant, modern, and tourist-friendly city with a robust economy. Therefore, Quebec is the best option for a new beginning.

7. Dubai, UAE- 83.7

It is impossible for anyone on the globe not to have heard of Dubai. Additionally, it is recognized as one of the safest cities in the world in which to reside. Many people from around the globe seek a better career and standard of living in Dubai. Because of this, it has the highest number of expatriates.

In Dubai, you will find the best institutions, nurseries, and universities for your children. Dubai has demonstrated a decades-long commitment to preserving the UAE’s status as a safe refuge. The government and leadership’s emphasis on the safety and security of citizens and visitors as a top priority is instrumental in luring investors and the world’s top talent to Dubai and allowing them to live, work, and prosper here. You will undoubtedly experience a stay that exceeds your wildest dreams in Dubai.

8. Bern, Switzerland – 82.3

The city of Bern, Switzerland, is the best place for foreigners and visitors to feel secure. The city provides a high standard of life thanks to its prosperous economy and well-developed infrastructure. Judging by the rarity of a vehicle and home burglar alarms, people don’t worry much about their safety. When heading for a swim in the pool or the river, many people must remember to bring their belongings, and supermarkets leave their merchandise outside overnight.
Everyone, from kids to politicians, agrees that Bern is a secure and child-friendly location to live and visit. Bern has a remarkably low annual gun death incidence, at 3.01 per 100,000 people. In 2023, there was a 3.28 percentage point decrease in crime statistics from the previous year. Although the cost of living there may be high, it is undoubtedly worthwhile.

9. San Sebastian, Spain – 81.3

San Sebastian is one of the safest cities in Europe and is known for its picturesque location in northern Spain. This city has a very low overall crime incidence, and violent crimes are extremely uncommon. Overall, there is no need for concern if you relocate to or travel through San Sebastian, as the likelihood of being injured or plundered is extremely low.

How secure is the metropolis of San Sebastian? Its overall crime rate is just 7.35 percent! This is currently one of the lowest rates in the globe. And it appears to be still the same for a while. The current rate of crime increase in San Sebastian is only 18.99%, which is also considered very low. This proves that the least-known cities are frequently the safest.

10. Munich, Germany – 81.0

The city of Munich is in the south of Germany. It is the capital and biggest city of the state of Bavaria. People know the city for its rich cultural history, old buildings, and the famous Oktoberfest beer festival.

Most people think Munich is a safe city because there aren’t many crimes there (crime index score: 18.8). Also, Munich is a wealthy, successful city with a high standard of living, which can make crime less likely to happen.

People in Munich are proud of how safe their city is. Bavaria is the safest state in all of Germany. Here in southern Germany, it’s not very common to be threatened or a crime victim. The crime rate in Bavaria is the lowest in the entire Federal Republic.

As with any city, there is always some risk, so visitors should be careful and take basic safety precautions like staying alert and aware of their surroundings, avoiding poorly lit or isolated areas at night, and keeping their valuables safe. But, overall, Munich is a safe and friendly place for tourists and locals alike.

11. Zurich, Switzerland – 80.9

Zurich is Switzerland’s biggest city and the financial and cultural center of the country. The town is in the north of Switzerland. It is surrounded by hills and mountains, which makes it a beautiful place to live.

Compared to other big cities, Zurich has a very low crime rate (18.3 on the crime index). The number of crimes in the city has been going down for a long time, and the police are very good at stopping them.

Zurich is one of the wealthiest cities in Europe, which significantly affects the crime rate. A strong economy also gives people more opportunities, makes it less likely that they will be poor, and makes life, in general, better, all of which contribute to a safer environment.

Zurich’s public safety system is perfect. It includes emergency services, hospitals, and police departments. The city also has advanced technology and surveillance systems to ensure its residents are safe and secure.

The Swiss government has implemented several policies to keep the country safe and secure. For example, there are a lot of rules about who can own guns, and the police are very well-trained and professional.

All of these things make Zurich one of the safest cities in the world as a whole.

12. Eskisehir, Turkey – 81.9

Eskisehir is the only Turkish city to make the list of the world’s 20 safest cities. It is a beautiful, modern, and secure city with a large population of young people.

Eskisehir is a highly secure and dependable city in terms of safety. According to the national survey, Eskisehir ranked second on the list of “the finest cities in Turkey for living.” The risk of significant robberies is typically absent in this area. However, use caution and store valuables in secure locations. This city is an excellent alternative to the hubbub of the capital. It has modern amenities while retaining its vintage charm. Unquestionably, Eskisehir is the most secure and ideal location for new beginnings!

13. Muscat, Oman – 80.1

Muscat is the capital city of the Middle Eastern nation of Oman. Muscat is situated on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula, along the Arabian Sea’s Gulf of Oman.

For numerous reasons, Muscat is regarded as one of the safest cities in the world. First, Oman is renowned for its political stability and low crime rate. The city’s crime index score is 80.1. The country’s emphasis on security and safety has contributed to the capital city’s peaceful and secure atmosphere. The Omani culture emphasizes hospitality and reverence for others, contributing to Muscat’s friendly and welcoming environment. In addition, the city has numerous police stations and patrols, which deter criminal activity and ensure the safety of residents and visitors.

The safety of Muscat can be attributed to several factors, including a stable political climate, a strong emphasis on security, a hospitable culture, and a strong police presence.

14. Manama, Bahrain – 79.9

Bahrain’s capital city, Manama, is located in the northeastern corner of Bahrain Island, the largest island in Bahrain.

Manama is generally regarded as one of the safest cities in the world for various reasons. First, this has contributed to the safety and security of the city. Second, the city’s society is multicultural and tolerant, with people from various cultural backgrounds living peacefully. In addition, the Bahraini government is committed to promoting interfaith dialogue and tolerance, which has contributed to Manama’s peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. Additionally, the city has an excellent healthcare system, and emergency services are available citywide in case of unforeseen incidents.

A low crime rate, a diverse and tolerant society, a well-developed security infrastructure, and a well-equipped healthcare system contribute to Manama’s overall safety.

15. Trondheim, Norway – 79.1

Trondheim is a city in central Norway. It is on the southern side of the Trondheimsfjord. It is Norway’s third biggest city, after Oslo and Bergen.

Several things make the city one of the safest places to live in the world. First, the city has a low crime rate (20.87 on the crime index) and a reasonable police force. The law is also strictly enforced, which makes people less likely to commit crimes. Second, Trondheim has a high standard of living because it has good infrastructure and public services, such as transportation, healthcare, and education, that work well. This makes it less likely that there will be poverty and social inequality, two things that often lead to crime. Also, most people are friendly and look out for each other, which makes people feel safe and trusting. Lastly, Trondheim has been a safe and peaceful city for a long time. The city’s culture and values put a lot of importance on social responsibility, trust, and mutual respect, which makes people feel safe and secure.

Overall, Trondheim is known as one of the safest cities in the world because it has low crime rates, good public services, and a culture that values safety and peace.

16. The Hague, Netherlands – 78.8

The Hague is in the western part of the Netherlands, on the coast of the North Sea. It is the country’s third largest city after Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Several things make The Hague one of the safest cities in the world. First, the city has a lower crime rate than many other cities (21.24 on the crime index). Second, The Hague is a small city with a strong community spirit. Third, many international organizations are based in The Hague. These include the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. The presence of these groups creates a culture of law and order, and The Hague is frequently viewed as a symbol of peace and justice.

Overall, The Hague is one of the safest cities in the world. It has low crime rates, a strong sense of community, and many international organizations.

17.Tartu, Estonia – 78.8

Estonia is a nation in Northern Europe that has a city called Tartu. It is in the country’s southeast, about 160 kilometers southeast of Tallinn, its capital city.

The second largest city in Estonia, Tartu, is considered a safe place for several reasons. First, there is a minor crime in Estonia, which helps keep Tartu safe. The crime rate in Tartu is 21.16. Also, people in the city look out for each other, and helping people in need is a way of life. This creates a good environment that makes people feel safe and secure.

Also, Tartu is known for its high-quality education and research institutions, which bring students and researchers worldwide. As a result, people from different backgrounds and cultures learn to live and work together peacefully, which makes the city safer.

Overall, Tartu is safe because it has a low crime rate, a friendly community, and many people from different countries.

18. Hong Kong,  Hong Kong SAR – 78.7

Hong Kong is located at the entrance of the Pearl River Delta on the southeastern coast of China. It is a Chinese Special Administrative Region (SAR) with its administration and economy. Nonetheless, it remains one of the safest cities in the world, particularly regarding personal safety.

Hong Kong has one of the lowest crime rates in the world (crime index score: 21.33), with low rates of violent crime and property crime. Hong Kong is commended for its high levels of police and community-based surveillance and its use of data-driven techniques to ensure the safety of its citizens. As a component of its rich cultural heritage, it has a long history of welcoming ex-pats and foreign workers. As a result, Hong Kong residents report feeling secure walking alone at night. Additionally, the transportation system is accessible until late, and some buses also operate at night.

The Hong Kong Police Force is highly professional and highly regarded, strongly emphasizing community policing and crime prevention. However, criminals find it difficult to obtain firearms due to the city’s stringent gun control laws. In addition, the city’s independent judiciary and robust legal system contribute to protecting its citizens under the rule of law.

The city’s highly developed infrastructure, which includes well-maintained roads, modern transportation systems, and well-lit public areas, contributes to the residents’ and visitors’ feelings of safety. In addition, Hong Kong has a high level of economic development and is one of the most prosperous cities globally. This has resulted in a generally stable and secure environment, with a well-maintained infrastructure, reliable public transportation, and an educated population.

Hong Kong is renowned as one of the world’s safest cities due to its low crime rate, efficient police force, and very well public spaces.

19. Basel,  Switzerland – 78.5

Basel is a city in northwestern Switzerland, where the Swiss, French, and German borders converge. It is located on the Rhine and is Switzerland’s third-largest city after Zurich and Geneva.

First, the city’s relatively low crime rate (crime index score: 22.30) and high standard of living contribute to its residents’ and visitors’ perception of safety. The city’s well-developed public transportation system makes traveling simple and secure. The town is also compact and walkable, which reduces the need for automobiles and makes it simple for riders and walkers to get around.

Lastly, Basel has high social cohesion, indicating that residents feel connected to their community and watch out for one another. This creates a sense of safety and security, as individuals know they can rely on their neighbors and acquaintances for assistance.

20. Ljubljana, Slovenia – 78.3

Ljubljana is the main city of Slovenia and is located in the country’s center. It is the largest metropolis in Slovenia and the country’s political, cultural, and economic hub.

The Ljubljana police force is well-trained and efficient at maintaining public safety. The police are readily available to respond to incidents and are visible throughout the city. As a result, Ljubljana has a crime index score of 22.02.

Ljubljana is a close-knit community whose residents are generally friendly and helpful. This strengthens the city’s sense of community and makes it a safer place to reside and visit. Moreover, Ljubljana’s well-lit streets and public areas deter crime and make residents feel secure at night.

Ljubljana is a prominent tourist destination, and the city has taken measures to ensure the safety and comfort of its visitors. This includes providing safety and security information to travelers and maintaining a visible police presence in tourist areas.

The least safe cities in the world

The following are the least safe in the world as of Numbeo’s safest city index 2023 :

  1. Caracas, Venezuela (16.60)
  2. Pretoria, South Africa (18.10)
  3. Durban, South Africa (19.00)
  4. Johannesburg, South Africa (19.20)
  5. San Pedro Sula, Honduras (19.30)
  6. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (19.60)
  7. Kabul, Afghanistan (19.89)
  8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (22.30)
  9. Alice Springs, Australia (22.70)
  10. Fortaleza, Brazil (22.90)

Here is a full list of the safest cities in the world according to NUMBEO Safest City Index as of March 2023.

RankCitySafety Score
1Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates88.3
2Doha, Qatar86
3Ajman, United Arab Emirates84.9
4Taipei, Taiwan84.8
5Sharjah, United Arab Emirates84.6
6Quebec City, Canada83.8
7Dubai, United Arab Emirates83.7
8Bern, Switzerland82.3
9San Sebastian, Spain81.3
10Munich, Germany81
11Zurich, Switzerland80.90
12Eskisehir, Turkey80.8
13Muscat, Oman80.09
14Manama, Bahrain79.90
15Trondheim, Norway79.09
16The Hague (Den Haag), Netherlands78.8
17Tartu, Estonia78.8
18Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR78.7
19Basel, Switzerland78.5
20Ljubljana, Slovenia78.3
21Yerevan, Armenia78.2
22Groningen, Netherlands77.8
23Zagreb, Croatia77.7
24Tampere, Finland77.59
25Cluj-Napoca, Romania77.59
26Eindhoven, Netherlands77.40
27Coquitlam, Canada76.8
28Stavanger, Norway76.7
29Irvine, CA, United States76.09
30Reykjavik, Iceland76.09
31Chiang Mai, Thailand76
32Timisoara, Romania76
33Tokyo, Japan75.8
34Seoul, South Korea75.40
35Prague, Czech Republic75.40
36Helsinki, Finland75
37Mangalore, India74.5
38Aalborg, Denmark74.5
39Bergen, Norway74.40
40Oakville, Canada74.40
41Graz, Austria74.3
42Rijeka, Croatia74.3
43Merida, Mexico74.2
44Tbilisi, Georgia74.2
45Brno, Czech Republic74.2
46Warsaw, Poland74.09
47Krakow (Cracow), Poland74
48Lausanne, Switzerland73.90
49Utrecht, Netherlands73.90
50Wroclaw, Poland73.90
51Canberra, Australia73.7
52Tallinn, Estonia73.7
53Gent, Belgium73.7
54Brasov, Romania73.59
55Riyadh, Saudi Arabia73.5
56Antalya, Turkey73.40
57Vienna, Austria73.40
58Copenhagen, Denmark73.40
59Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel73
60Trieste, Italy72.90
61Luxembourg, Luxembourg72.8
62Malaga, Spain72.7
63Davao, Philippines72.40
64Poznan, Poland72.09
65Vilnius, Lithuania72.09
66Bucharest, Romania72
67Jeddah (Jiddah), Saudi Arabia72
68Richmond Hill, Canada71.8
69Markham, Canada71.7
70Beijing, China71.7
71Shenzhen, China71.40
72Nizhny Novgorod, Russia71.40
73Ottawa, Canada71.2
74Bursa, Turkey70.8
75Lisbon, Portugal70.40
76Galway, Ireland70.2
77Madrid, Spain70
78Nicosia, Cyprus70
79Kuwait City, Kuwait70
80Burlington, Canada69.90
81Geneva, Switzerland69.8
82Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany69.5
83Valencia, Spain69.5
84Shanghai, China69.40
85Baku, Azerbaijan69.3
86Amsterdam, Netherlands69.3
87Bratislava, Slovakia69.3
88Iasi, Romania69.2
89Rotterdam, Netherlands69
90Islamabad, Pakistan68.90
91Edinburgh, United Kingdom68.8
92Gdansk, Poland68.5
93Alicante, Spain68.40
94Guangzhou, China68.3
95Havana, Cuba68.3
96Dresden, Germany68.3
97Montreal, Canada68.3
98Izmir, Turkey68.2
99Adelaide, Australia68.09
100Split, Croatia68.09
101Hobart, Australia67.7
102Ahmedabad, India67.7
103Stuttgart, Germany67.7
104Wellington, New Zealand67.7
105Vadodara, India67.7
106Penang, Malaysia67
107Seville (Sevilla), Spain66.8
108Oslo, Norway66.7
109Lund, Sweden66.5
110Salt Lake City, UT, United States66.5
111Surat, India66.3
112Astana (Nur-Sultan), Kazakhstan66.2
113Osaka, Japan66.09
114Palma de Mallorca, Spain66.09
115Aberdeen, United Kingdom66
116Banja Luka, Bosnia And Herzegovina65.90
117Sydney, Australia65.8
118Guelph, Canada65.59
119Dusseldorf, Germany65.5
120Madison, WI, United States65.40
121Budapest, Hungary65.2
122Oulu, Finland65.2
123Jaipur, India65.09
124Singapore, Singapore64.90
125Porto, Portugal64.90
126Boise, ID, United States64.5
127Puerto Vallarta, Mexico64.40
128Nuremberg, Germany64.40
129Brisbane, Australia64.3
130Cork, Ireland64.3
131Cagliari, Italy64
132Varna, Bulgaria63.7
133Lahore, Pakistan63.4
134Navi Mumbai, India63.3
135Moscow, Russia63.3
136Jerusalem, Israel63.2
137Rabat, Morocco63.2
138Calgary, Canada63.1
139Kathmandu, Nepal63
140Karlsruhe, Germany62.9
141Kingston, Canada62.8
142Brighton, United Kingdom62.6
143Queretaro (Santiago de Querétaro), Mexico62.4
144Cardiff, United Kingdom62.2
145Visakhapatnam, India62.1
146Hanoi, Vietnam62
147Pittsburgh, PA, United States62
148Kaunas, Lithuania61.9
149Belgrade, Serbia61.8
150Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom61.6
151Amman, Jordan61.5
152Riga, Latvia61.5
153Makati, Philippines61.4
154Raleigh, NC, United States61.1
155Florence, Italy61.1
156Thiruvananthapuram, India61
157Ankara, Turkey61
158Lviv, Ukraine61
159Riverside, CA, United States60.6
160Strasbourg, France60.6
161Boston, MA, United States60.5
162Limassol, Cyprus60.2
163Saint Petersburg, Russia60.2
164Chennai, India60.1
165Kochi, India60
166Limerick, Ireland59.9
167Antwerp, Belgium59.8
168Vancouver, Canada59.8
169Victoria, Canada59.6
170Bangkok, Thailand59.6
171San Diego, CA, United States59.4
172Austin, TX, United States59.4
173Lodz, Poland59.4
174Leipzig, Germany59.1
175Kitchener, Canada58.7
176Halifax, Canada58.6
177Hanover, Germany58.6
178Novi Sad, Serbia58.6
179Tirana, Albania58.5
180Bonn, Germany58.5
181Sofia, Bulgaria58.2
182Cologne, Germany58.2
183Bristol, United Kingdom58.2
184Perth, Australia58.2
185Iloilo, Philippines58.1
186Colombo, Sri Lanka58.1
187Pune, India58
188Hamburg, Germany57.9
189Toronto, Canada57.6
190Mississauga, Canada57.3
191Leeds, United Kingdom57.2
192Hyderabad, India57.1
193Vaughan, Canada57
194Chandigarh, India57
195Sheffield, United Kingdom56.9
196Berlin, Germany56.6
197Chisinau, Moldova56.4
198Melbourne, Australia56
199Christchurch, New Zealand55.9
200Alexandria, Egypt55.8
201Kristiansand, Norway55.5
202Bremen, Germany55.5
203Genoa, Italy55.3
204Frankfurt, Germany55.3
205Palermo, Italy54.9
206Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine54.9
207Mumbai, India54.9
208Pattaya, Thailand54.8
209Cuenca, Ecuador54.8
210Brooklyn, NY, United States54.5
211St.Catharines, Canada54.4
212Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina54.4
213Belfast, United Kingdom54.4
214Glasgow, United Kingdom54.3
215Denver, CO, United States54.3
216Constanta, Romania54.2
217Stockholm, Sweden53.9
218Windsor, Canada53.9
219Edmonton, Canada53.7
220St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada53.7
221Skopje, North Macedonia53.7
222Nashville, TN, United States53.6
223Gold Coast, Australia53.5
224Yekaterinburg, Russia53.5
225Kolkata, India53.4
226Gothenburg, Sweden53.4
227Beirut, Lebanon53.1
228Charlotte, NC, United States53
229Tampa, FL, United States53
230Lucknow (Lakhnau), India53
231Bologna, Italy52.7
232Moncton, Canada52.6
233Istanbul, Turkey52.4
234Honolulu, HI, United States52.4
235Bordeaux, France52.4
236Novosibirsk, Russia52.3
237Tunis, Tunisia52.1
238Liverpool, United Kingdom52.1
239Monterrey, Mexico52.1
240Panama City, Panama52.1
241Richmond, VA, United States52
242Bali, Indonesia51.8
243Kharkiv, Ukraine51.7
244Newcastle, Australia51.7
245San Jose, CA, United States51.7
246Auckland, New Zealand51.6
247Indore, India51.6
248Cincinnati, OH, United States51.5
249Columbus, OH, United States51.4
250Milan, Italy51.1
251San Antonio, TX, United States50.9
252Craiova, Romania50.8
253Addis Ababa, Ethiopia50.8
254Saskatoon, Canada50.6
255Petaling Jaya, Malaysia50.5
256New York, NY, United States50.5
257Rawalpindi, Pakistan50.3
258Florianopolis, Brazil50.1
259Sacramento, CA, United States50.1
260Cairo, Egypt50
261Toulouse, France50
262Barcelona, Spain49.6
263Nottingham, United Kingdom49.5
264Bari, Italy49.3
265Rennes, France48.9
266Orlando, FL, United States48.9
267Cebu, Philippines48.8
268Asuncion, Paraguay48.6
269Wollongong, Australia48.6
270Dallas, TX, United States48.3
271Nanaimo, BC, Canada48.2
272San Miguel de Allende, Mexico48.2
273Algiers, Algeria48.1
274Tucson, AZ, United States47.7
275Hamilton, New Zealand47.7
276Lille, France47.7
277Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam47.6
278Dublin, Ireland47.6
279Turin, Italy47.6
280Jakarta, Indonesia47.5
281Los Angeles, CA, United States47.5
282Regina, Canada47.3
283Dnipro, Ukraine47.2
284Seattle, WA, United States46.9
285London, Canada46.9
286Miami, FL, United States46.8
287Ballarat, Australia46.7
288Phoenix, AZ, United States46.7
289Rome, Italy46.7
290Bilbao, Spain46.5
291Thessaloniki, Greece46.5
292Odessa (Odesa), Ukraine46.4
293Johor Bahru, Malaysia46.4
294Bangalore, India46.2
295London, United Kingdom46.2
296Drogheda, Ireland46.2
297Lyon, France46.1
298Amadora, Portugal45.5
299Brussels, Belgium45.5
300Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia45.4
301Karachi, Pakistan45.1
302Brampton, Canada45
303Casablanca, Morocco44.9
304Manchester, United Kingdom44.9
305Gurgaon, India44.8
306Kamloops, Canada44.7
307Hamilton, Canada44.7
308Portland, OR, United States44.6
309Noida, India44.6
310Minneapolis, MN, United States44.6
311Medellin, Colombia44.6
312Montevideo, Uruguay44.4
313Las Vegas, NV, United States44.3
314Malmo, Sweden44.2
315San Jose, Costa Rica44.2
316Athens, Greece44.2
317Tehran, Iran44.1
318Cancun, Mexico44.1
319Phnom Penh, Cambodia43.9
320Geelong, Australia43.7
321Klang, Malaysia43.3
322Paris, France43
323Minsk, Belarus43
324Jacksonville, FL, United States42.9
325Louisville, KY, United States42.8
326Oshawa, Canada41.9
327Grenoble, France41.7
328Townsville, Australia41.5
329Kansas City, MO, United States41.4
330Indianapolis, IN, United States41.4
331Toowoomba, Australia41.1
332Nairobi, Kenya41
333Delhi, India40.9
334Winnipeg, Canada40.9
335Puebla, Mexico40.9
336Sault Ste. Marie, Canada40.79
337Baghdad, Iraq40.70
338Nice, France40.20
339Brasilia, Brazil39.9
340Washington, DC, United States39.9
341Ghaziabad, India39.5
342Harare, Zimbabwe39.4
343Sudbury, Canada39.4
344Liege, Belgium39.4
345San Francisco, CA, United States38.9
346Red Deer, Canada38.9
347Darwin, Australia38.6
348Santiago, Chile38.5
349Montpellier, France38.5
350Cordoba, Argentina38.4
351Kelowna, Canada38.4
352Anchorage, AK, United States38.1
353Quito, Ecuador38.1
354Cairns, Australia37.9
355Curitiba, Brazil37.9
356Naples, Italy37.70
357Nantes, France37.4
358Tripoli, Libya37.4
359Guadalajara, Mexico37.4
360Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia37.29
361Birmingham, United Kingdom37.20
362Buenos Aires, Argentina37.1
363Male, Maldives37
364Lethbridge, AB, Canada37
365Almaty, Kazakhstan36.9
366Quezon City, Philippines36.79
367Surrey, Canada36.70
368Dhaka, Bangladesh36.6
369Belo Horizonte, Brazil36.29
370Charleroi, Belgium36.29
371Atlanta, GA, United States36.20
372Houston, TX, United States36.1
373Catania, Italy35.70
374Cleveland, OH, United States35.70
375Guatemala City, Guatemala35.4
376Marseille, France35.4
377Manila, Philippines34.9
378Coventry, United Kingdom34.9
379Philadelphia, PA, United States34.6
380Chicago, IL, United States34.20
381San Salvador, El Salvador34.20
382Bogota, Colombia34
383Campinas, Brazil33.5
384Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic32.70
385Lagos, Nigeria32.5
386Milwaukee, WI, United States32.4
387Oakland, CA, United States32.29
388Rockhampton, Australia32.1
389New Orleans, LA, United States32.1
390San Juan, Puerto Rico32
391Mexico City, Mexico31.9
392Windhoek, Namibia31.1
393Bradford, United Kingdom30.7
394Damascus, Syria30
395Cali, Colombia29.7
396Kingston, Jamaica29.5
397Saint Louis, MO, United States29.5
398Lima, Peru29.4
399Sao Paulo, Brazil29.3
400Guayaquil, Ecuador28.2
401Tijuana, Mexico28.2
402Albuquerque, NM, United States28.1
403Porto Alegre, Brazil27.9
404Preston, United Kingdom26.8
405Cape Town, South Africa26.4
406Detroit, MI, United States25.8
407Memphis, TN, United States24.7
408Rosario, Argentina24.5
409Baltimore, MD, United States24.2
410Port of Spain, Trinidad And Tobago23.8
411Recife, Brazil23.7
412Port Elizabeth, South Africa23.7
413Salvador, Brazil23.3
414Natal, Brazil23
415Fortaleza, Brazil22.9
416Alice Springs, Australia22.7
417Rio de Janeiro, Brazil22.3
418Kabul, Afghanistan19.89
419Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea19.60
420San Pedro Sula, Honduras19.3
421Johannesburg, South Africa19.2
422Durban, South Africa19
423Pretoria, South Africa18.10
424Caracas, Venezuela16.60

In conclusion, identifying the safest cities in the world requires considering various factors, such as crime rates, infrastructure, social stability, and economic conditions. Cities that prioritize the safety and well-being of their residents by investing in education, health care, and community-building perform well in rankings. In addition to contributing to lower crime rates and excellent overall safety in a city, proactive policing strategies, effective crime prevention programs, and strict firearms control laws can also reduce crime rates. Ultimately, the safest cities provide residents with a high quality of life and a sense of security, which can be achieved by combining social, economic, and political factors.

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